Hillory Skott

November 21st, 2016
You came here to thrive


November 21-27, 2016 our great big Sun moves in to big thinking Sagittarius. This is a powerful week of planetary play. We are nudged or shoved along in our evolution thanks to the pull of the planets. If we lean into our progress we tape into an exhilarating life force. Pluto and Jupiter Square this week growth will occur, what is unncessary must be edited from your script. Your freedom is of utmost importance.  Freedom to fully express the real and true you that you came here to be. Anything in the way of that won’t make the cut. Don’t hold on. Trust. A life so fulfilling waits on the other side. The only way out is through.

Tuesday Mercury, ruler of our thoughts and communications will connect bringing us expansive ideas on ways to free ourselves up and create what is just and right. Capture these ideas on paper as you may forget how brilliant todays thoughts and ideas are when the winds shift tomorrow bringing practical Saturn in conjunction with Mercury- these energies are fused in Sagittarius imbibing everything with enthusiasm and optimism.

Saturn lets you know there is real world work to be done to get where you are going. Perhaps the part of you that has to do all the work to prepare for a holiday, packing sorting organizing, planning the itinerary, booking the flights, securing the on ground transportation.  Sagittarius is the energy thrilled for the adventure ahead, fearless and ready to expand and explore new horizons. These energies do need each other. Alone Saturn might talk you out of even planning the trip. Fear you into staying put for practical reasons. Alone Sadge might not get orderly enough to take the steps involved. This is all a metaphor of course.  Can you see it working in your life?

If you are feeling the dark side of Saturn and Mercury fusing you might be so sad, lonely, trapped, riddled with fear, sacrificing or suffering.  Not much fun- the fact that it’s all happening in Sagittarius might exaggerate everything too. Make you feel righteous about your suffering. Remember once we get it- we can let go of the suffering.  We can choose the joy filled story line.  Ask yourself why you would want to suffer in the first place? Often guilt leads to suffering. Guilt seeks punishment to make it feel better somehow. Suffering is certainly punishing. Be grateful you can see how this is playing out in your life and walk away. Turn and walk away- so simple.

Jupiter in beauty and peace seeking Libra is squaring off with Pluto in always climbing Capricorn on Thursday. This is where we are assured to grow. Square energy forces it.  A structure is being squeezed to transform.  A structure that is no longer serving you. This will clear the space to lay the solid clear foundation of your new life.

Venus joins Pluto on Friday- Intense and serious would well describe how things feel this day. Perhaps you become obsessed about something.  It could be political or hierarchical . It could be the need to make a serous commitment. You will be thinking long-term value.  How to bring value with you long term. Your needs will be simple and earthy, definitely practical with all this happening in Capricorn.  And thanks to Capricorn even though your needs are simple, like maybe only one sweater you love all winter, that sweater can be made of the softest cashmere.  It’s not quantity, it’s quality that counts.

By Saturday Mercury will dance with Uranus both in far seeing fire signs.  Your attitude will determine how your story goes, and this energy carries just the right optimistic brave, future seeing vibe you need to keep you on the path towards the brightest life you can see for your elf. Think big. Let the rock tumbling moments polish you up grasshopper- You came hereto Thrive. Freedom is your birth right.

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