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December 30th, 2015
Wishing You Magic in 2016


December 28, 2015- January 3,2016 – Venus, Mars and Mercury are all switching signs this last week of the year.  You can’t help but notice a sudden change in perspective.  Venus hops over to Sagittarius for some cross cultural education. Mars moves to steamy Scorpio for some clear understanding of how to use other people’s resources and Mercury moves to Aquarius granting us some genius ideas before backsliding into Capricorn next week for some real world number crunching. Fabulous change goes marching on into 2016.

The 29th there is a lot going in cosmos.  The Sun and Neptune move into a supportive alignment that can help you see how to make those dreams real world. Its like work ethic combined with serious spiritual vision. Think practical Visionary.  So ask yourself what needs to be made real and do it. Now!

later the same day you may come up against some kind of obstacle as Mercury and mars are squaring each other- Squares cause growth in a hard won kind of way. Mars is in thoughtful Libra and clever merc is in opportunistic Capricorn.  See how those two might not get along?  Ultimately though you are dealing with bossy energy here- Both signs naturally rise to lead.  They just lead in different ways.  Ask yourself how you might compromise now. But not at the expense of your self-respect.

Tuesday the 29th of January Venus moves from intensely passionate Scorpio into lets see the world Sagittarius.  That should make for an over the top New Years Eve.  Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius which loves to exaggerate and expand everything. So be careful with the booze, you just might end up worshiping the toilet god that night.  That’s no way to bring in the new year. Or worse, doing something you can’t take back. If you are going to regret it when you wake up- be it to many cookies, the extra shot of tequila, or the stranger in your bed. Stop yourself- you have total control over your actions.

Friday communications specialist Mercury lifts up out of Capricorn for a quick sojourn in Aquarius.  These two signs are said to be the only signs right next to each other in the zodiac that really enjoy each others company.  There is a mutual admiration and respect but they are so very different deep down.  Aquarius is a real rebel humanitarian outside the box thinker. Capricorn figures out how to take those big ideas and make them work in the real world.  They can be of benefit to each other that way.  

When Mercury moves to Aquarius it will hover in the first degrees giving us a great taste of this unhindered thinking. You might suddenly get a brilliant plan to save the world in some way. Jot that stuff down. When Practical Cappy guides the ship through the retrograde that goes from January 5-25 you can craft workable plans to make these ideas real and lucrative.   

Sunday Mars moves to Scorpio. Mars feels powerful in Scorpio.  Things get nitty gritty and real.  Ain’t nothing fake going on here.   Because of the Mars retrograde this year we will get a whole lot of Mars on Scorpio, then Mars in Sagittarius too.  A weird mix up of let’s commit for life and I really need to see more of the world.  Or, let’s research this one topic super deeply, but wait, no- there are a zillion interesting tops to study.  Mars rules our umph,our gusto.  Scorpio and Sagittarius are both powerful energy in their own ways. Roll with it and you might find yourself becoming very well rounded.

What a great last week of the year, beginning of next year this is.   It’s traditionally a holiday week so enjoy. Connect with loved ones and also, connect with most important you. All the love you send to yourself you send to others too.  Be all the Love you can Be in 2016.

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