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December 19-25, 2016 The winter solstice is on the 21st-This is one of the four power points of the year. Now the work below the surface will create the most amazing results come spring. Mercury starts its retrograde on the nineteenth- That’s rather an inconvenience if looked at the wrong way. If we watch for what we can redo, or how we might change our perspective or game plan we can use this energy to the fullest. Charging ahead to get things done might prove illusive as go-getter Mars is sliding into lounge around Pisces. The best move is stillness. Be present and let the magic unfold as it will- it has been set in motion by you already.

This Mercury retrograde is happening in mostly Capricorn. You will be interested in family and tradition. Or business and finance. The Ambitious Capricorns of the world will be most affected. It is just as likely to be good, enlightening, helpful. As it is to be frustrating and full of blunder. Do watch for practical things to break. If your oven has been weird lately- it could very well die now. Back up photos. All electronics and communication devices should not be purchased now. Too many variables, we may not be seeing the whole picture.

This Mercury retrograde can help you assess your traditions or lack there of. It may be time to sort out some new ones that work for the authentic you. Life is too short for obligations- we must be the ones to set boundaries. Sometimes breaking tradition is straight up necessary for you to continue your growth. This Mercury retrograde will bring back what you need to know to decide what you need to do. Go with the flow.

The 21st is winter soltice- This is when the Sun moves into Capricorn every year. It may seem as though everything is dead and dormant, but below the surface much action is taking place. Transformation. Northern hemisphere nature is giving us a great big example of reincarnation. What seems dead is reborn in spring. Everything is energy and energy never dies it only changes form.

To use the Solstice energy well make a plan to honor the day. The Feminine mysterious side of life is at its strongest now. Magic is set into powerful motion on this day. Write it out- speak it out. Capture it in art. It’s not surprising we set goals around this time of year, Capricorn loves goals and game plans. This energy is really not about bobbing along without direction. To get where you need to go you have to focus on a goal.
The weekend has a lovely couple of trines that will make the busy days of Christmas have a smooth going happy kind of energy. They will be blessed with things going right- warming our hearts and renewing our faith in something we may have given up on.

Lots of change this week. Keep yourself grounded and well fed. Take a minute to take a minute. The slower you go the more likely things are to go well. Use your imagination- Mars in Pieces will make it most powerful. Enjoy the inspirations likely coming your way now. You are a beautiful and unique snow flake, all this Capricorn energy wants you to capitalize on that. May you have a most blessed week full of lists checked off. Much Love and Light to you during this busy time of year.v

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