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July 7- 13, 2014 things come into beautiful bloom with this weeks  full moon in foundation laying Capricorn. Your il_340x270.436930786_5y6gability to see what’s unfolding around you in a non-attached way will pay big dividends. Look for imbalance between work and family, between obligation and offering. Balance what you give and take from the home and what you offer of yourself to the outside world for greatest happiness.  This full moon will illuminate your true needs.

Tuesday evening PST the protective Cancer Sun will square off with freedom loving Uranus.  Expect the unexpected.  You may feel an electric energy in your body.  Anxiety is even possible if you don’t somehow ground the energy.  Get your feet on the Earth.  Consciously slow down your breathing. Come into your body and be conscious of your feelings and thoughts.  It helps to observe the energy-then you can take right and immediate action as the need presents itself, probably unexpectedly.  Uranus wants you to be free. Freedom is life. But Cancer can be clingy. Are you needing to free yourself from something? Or, are you engaged in clinging to the past in some way?  Squares are for growing.  Lean into what comes up.

The Full Moon is on Saturday July 12,2014, at 4:25 am PST.  This sun is in Cancer and the moon will be reflecting in Capricorn.  This pair represents Mother/Father energy.  Our sensitive dependant selves and our get out in the world and stand on our own two feet selves.  We need a home base that is safe, secure, nurturing, warm and loving- But we also need to get out in the world and offer our wares. Provide a service and share our talents.  We need to know we can take care of ourselves on our very own steam.  Balancing both needs is the focus now.

Capricorn is a natural in the real world.  Duty and responsibility  are  Capricorns forte.  Laying foundation and working towards a better future with discipline and focus are mixed into the matrix of every Capricorn Soul.  Which is great if you want to be wealthy and powerful and own land.  But can be a bit lopsided.  You also need to cuddle, and cook, to relax and retreat to safe little corner of Love if you want to be a non-dysfunctional human.  The Capricorn side of life is much more respected in our imbalanced societies.  But the need for a safe and cozy home to regenerate and relax remains necessary and fundamental.

Because Capricorn is an Earth sign they do have a knack for manifesting, combined with the glow of the emotional Cancer is sun is excellent fuel for creating what you choose with focus and discipline.  You will have an awareness of your real needs in this area of your life.  You can create in authentic ways that will satisfy fundamental needs.  So do take the time to set your intentions:draw, write, speak them to the Universe.  This is a powerful full moon to co-create the perfect home and perfect work in perfect love and perfect trust. So be it!


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