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voldoeninggrSeptember 1-7,2014 Chatty Mercury moves into relationships seeking Libra and Venus, ruler of what we value, slides into perfection loving Virgo. Now its time to focus on finding the weak spots in your relationships and fixing things up.

Monday PST Mercury shifts into a much more negotiable energy.  Mercury in Virgo is on fire, able to see and think in amazingly clear and thoughtful ways. You may have found yourself to be incredibly critical and possibly ruthless with your observations in the past few weeks.  Now though, Mental Mercury moves to a very other oriented sign.  Which softens all communications.  You are willing to negotiate and work together with others peacefully.  In fact, finding a compromise will be what seems most natural now.  Go with your instincts and work for the greater good of all involved and you will be on track and surrounded in proper harmony.

Wednesday The Sun will be in a helpful trine to penetrating pluto.  Can you get to the bottom of who you are?  You may find it super easy to see the reasons and rhyme of things now.  Pluto is a digger. A deep down dig it up type energy.  So much energy is wasted in suppressing the things that feel bad, or scary, or embarrassing, that we stuff it away and develop all kinds of hangups.  So now you can let it go after you find out what you need to know.  . Much energy is freed up in this process. Much of Pluto’s purpose is to put us in  touch with what we refuse to acknowledge.  Friday Venus is making the big move from Leo to Virgo, this is significant.  Leo is a playful fun loving energy and Virgo is a get down to the work of it kind of character.  Venus in Virgo will be helpful for getting really real in

relationships.  Kind of a shocker really. You might suddenly become aware of a longstanding issue in your relationship that you just are not willing to put up with anymore. There is clearing available that everyone should harness. Be real about what you need and what you need to feel.  Virgo Venus is not shy when it comes to discussing the issues.  Yay! In fact, Venus in Virgo revels in all kinds of clean ups- now its your relationships and all that you value that is being gifted with this clean it all up focus.  Run with it- Virgo, working properly ,is totally on your side.  Embrace new routines or relationships. Life is kind of magic, you never know what you are going to get.

This week you can certainly feel the difference in your relationships- Your thoughts will turn to ideas that can shift things around on that front. Remember you are going for balance and healthy connections.  Why invest in someone if they are not investing in themselves.  Keep that in mind when you lay your cards on the table. Another week of growth and change ahead. Enjoy all the order and newness.


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