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November 4th, 2013
This week in Astrology


www.janosh.comNovember 4-10, 2013 Venus, ruler of what we value, slides into quality Capricorn for an unusually long four months. Generous Jupiter starts backtracking through Cancer this week giving us a lucky opportunity to concern ourselves with family, and a sense of safety and security. Mercury still had some backtracking to do so be extra conscious of anything to do with communications and travel.  Double-check and be patient when mix-ups occasionally occur.

Tuesday Venus makes the move to Capricorn. Our ambitious pursuit of peace, abundance, Love and beauty will gain support.  Venus will help activate ambition to acquire what you value. It can lend a stability to your long term projections.  You can see a realistic way to actively, in a one foot in front of the other kind of way, get to where you have always wanted to be.

A relationship that began under this influence could be a contender for the long haul, generations could be created. Capricorn is not a fair- weather kind of spirit, after a slow start there is considerable staying power.  This next four months will support your ambitions by putting you in touch with the right people at the right time. Be prepared and proactive- progress is occurring very quickly. Focus on business ventures and real estate. Find investors and partners for your projects, we will all get a boost of wise Capricorns real life know-how and the Venus taste for the finer things in life.

Wednesday Jupiter starts a four month retrograde through Cancer.  Retrogrades give us a chance to review the previous phase of our lives.  Retrospection is a fruitful activity while jovial Jupiter makes a point.  Your roots may gain importance. Or how you relate to your family: Are they supportive and loving? Do they get you? What creates a sense of security for you? Now you could be given a great big opportunity to improve this area of your life. Eat well and care for yourself and others and you will sail through this phase with a renewed faith in life and a clear understanding of the big picture.

That same day the Sun is fusing energy with Saturn.  Our sense of discipline is strong now.  We feel the weight of responsibility which can translate to super low energy. Now is a good time to look for any holes in your plans.  Saturn takes this living business seriously and coupled like this with the Sun it’s time to get serious about who you are in this world. Are you where you want to be in Life? Are you surrounded with people you respect?

Friday Mercury is in a sextile with Venus.  Expect declarations of Love and commitment. You will be drawn to smart people who know what you need to know too. Expect to be feeling more intensely than usual. This may cause a lot of reflection and questioning. It is meant to be. Luckily you will  be able to catch the good fortune and make your moves. Reach out to people, especially those that may be able to help you with your project.  It will end up being a great situation for all involved. Be who you are at all times to attract appropriate playmates, business and life partners.

Saturday has the potential to be pretty fantastic.  With a helpful Trine between Mental Mercury and cosmic Neptune we can expect some shimmery visions of new paths to take. Your evolution to a more supportive life requires effort and follow through. But there is magical miracles in this world too.  And sometimes, when you least expect it, life will dazzle you with uncanny timing and bring you what you need in the most inexplicable way.

Capture your ideas-This assists in your creation process.  Document your thoughts and impressions, watch for amazing revelations. The secrets to the Universe are being downloaded now.  Gaze at the rising or setting Sun to accelerate your progress and raise your vibration. The more time we spend dwelling on thoughts of Peace and Love the more Peace and Love there will be. Do your part for the planet feel Peace, breathe Love.

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