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October 7-13, 2013 relationship loving Venus shifts into truth seeking Sagittarius. The facts of the matter are of paramount importance. Brace yourself if you aren’t a big fan of the truth. How does the saying go? “The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

Venus makes the big shift from deep and probing Scorpio into Adventurous freedom loving Sagittarius. It could be a great time to meet someone exciting. Traveling can be really life enhancing now too. If you never go anywhere you never go anywhere. Each new place we see, or new person we meet can open our minds and hearts. I lived in Japan for four years and it fundamentally changed me. I became patient, tolerant, more aware, considerate and grateful too. If you can, get yourself somewhere you have always wanted to go, now is the time. Travel can transform you.

Sagittarius is a really lovely energy, mostly. There is the tendency to be a total finger wagging know-it-all, which is never a hit with anyone. Sagittarius has a top-notch intuitive ability which never fails them-this is the reason why they trust themselves above all others. Now noble philosophizing will come naturally- you may find that you are curious as to the nature of your personal reality. Where do we go when we die? Are there ghosts? Aliens? You could become fascinated with the greater truth of life now and end up with some great ideas-and new beliefs that will help alter your reality into something more refined and authentic.

Tuesday, Saturn in serious business Scorpio is fusing energies with clever communicator Mercury. It would be a good time to sign a contract. Communication will be weighty, but worth it. Something solid and productive can come of these two energies sharing space. Speak up and out and pay attention to detail for the best use of the energy.

Thursday the tenth PST the Sagittarius flavored Venus will square off with transcendent Neptune in Pisces. This may cause some confusion in your relationships or perhaps around what you value. The Sagittarius flavored Venus is forthright and certain. Neptune is barely tangible, transcendental feelings and impressions, nothing is as it seems. You can imagine the issues when these two try to communicate. Ultimately it will push your boundaries and blur any lines that need to be drawn. Wherever there is a square you can be sure that growth will occur. In the case of Venus square Neptune it is likely that your relationships will be highlighted in a fuzzy kind of way. Pinch yourself, you might just be dreaming, it’s always good to double-check when Neptune is involved.

Saturday Jupiter’s expansive energy is squaring off with the considerate Libra Sun. Jupiter is occupying space in watery cancer while the Sun is in air sign Libra. One feels and the other thinks. These two energies are not compatible and you may feel a real tension between what you want and what is right. Jupiter is a jovial planet that protects and informs and uplifts-it is honest and forthright. Libra is more accommodating and can’t always be counted on for the truth. Peace is generally more important than truthful self-expression. Here is where the tension lies. Do you tell the truth or will you be accommodating? We each have our own lessons to learn in balance and justice.

Another busy week ahead. Another chance for us to align with our greater good. Each thought, and every choice we make affects us in profound ways. Choose your thoughts and feelings wisely and you will see your world reflecting those wise choices. Go forth and prosper so others can prosper too.

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