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intentionOctober 28-November 3, 2013 a potent new moon Solar eclipse in Scorpio is highly activated by a tight grouping of important planets, plant important seeds now. In other big news this week deeply changing Pluto squares off with liberating Uranus, fast, thorough, evolutionary leaps are possible. Mercury and Saturn are fusing energies through all this, expect clear and revolutionary thinking. You know what action to take and you take it. The wind is beneath your wings: )

With this New Moon Solar Eclipse we are able to tap a liberating sense of the truth. We are feeling certain and aware and done with all the drama and neurosis. Scorpio energy is adept at sniffing out dark or hidden material.  Secrets are the domain of Scorpio.  They are generally exposed to assist us evolving into transparency a much more peaceful place to be.  We are all in the process of arranging this level of truth in our worlds.  Hang on to your hats you are launching into a new and finer reality- one where are free and supported and Loved.  Tough decisions are no longer difficult. Decisive action is providing momentum for growth.

October 29, 2013 PST Mercury and Saturn are joining forces. With them both in Scorpio we are able to access the best of Scorpios superpowers. You can tap into a laser beam awareness.  Scorpio is not wishy washy- after deep emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical analysis a clear cut path appears.  Beginnings and. Endings are in focus now- Pretty powerful beginnings are underway for many of us- and with this new beginning comes the ending of what came before. Celebrate this natural Liberation. You will be thinking deeply and seriously this leads to fruitful productivity.

On the thirty-first Mars, brave warrior is in a supportive often lucky Trine with serious business Pluto in Capricorn.  I can feel my heart sing with the possibilities for miraculous practical giant change. Change takes effort. But if are open to it it can transport you to dreams come true and tropical islands. Often fears are faced on the way to your happiest life- but the alternative is stagnation, if you aren’t changing your dyeing. This combo of planets will have you thinking very clearly- you will know exactly who to contact, what to say and when to say it. You make sense so present your ideas now- in the very least honor your new clarity by capturing it in writing.

Friday due to the square between the Liberator Uranus and your Soul as represented by Pluto- there will be no more side tracking. No more excuses.  Sudden certainty. Decisive action. Swift liberation. The secrets are being exposed the world over.  The dark can no longer disguise itself as the light. The people are being liberated. Our minds and hearts are light filled  and lifted.

The New moon Solar eclipse November 3rd PST in Scorpio is carrying all this energy of change and enlightenment. To make sure you walk through this portal to a new reality unhindered and fully energized take inventory of your goals, past and present. Each time you intend to accomplish something and then don’t a portion of your energy is tied up in wanting to complete your intention.  Write down every goal you can think of from all the way back- perhaps even in other life times. Trust your higher self to bring to your attention what you need to know.  Now imagine a meter of some kind to measure whether the goal comes from your ego personality self or from your Soul self. I imagine a thermometer type device that fills with shimmery golden light.  If the light is low my personality has it on the agenda, the higher 

it fills the closer it is to my Souls prompting, which will lead me to my most joyful reality.  Picture this in your minds eye.  Your imagination ain’t for nothing. It is an integral part of how we humans create our reality.

After you decide which goals you want to manifest set your intention, write down your wishes. Consciously pull the plug on any outdated goals to free up important energy. There is power to manifest more joyful realities now. We are being offered an opportunity to drop the past, leave it behind with blessings for all you learned from it. Forgive and forget, as they say.

Savor all the moments of this week. It’s special and powerful. Like you!

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