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October 21-27 clever communicator Mercury is doing some backsliding, allowing us time to rethink things. This retrograde period is occurring while Mercury is in Scorpio, intense is always the word used in relation to all things Scorpio. The Sun also moves from balance seeking Libra to raw and real Scorpio. What has happened in the dark seeks light. This will be an introspective week: seek and you will find.

Monday October 21, 2013 4:23 PST Mercury is officially retrograde. This planet rules our communications, our ability to intellectualize and understand. It rules the mail and all devices we use to connect with each other. When its forward movement is stalled so can things in the area of life that Mercury rules. To get even more specific you can look to your personal birth chart to see which aspect of your life will be affected. For example, in the seventh house it could be relationships, in the first house, how you are being perceived by others. It is always a good idea to avoid buying new electronics or signing a contract during mercury retrograde. It often happens that you change your mind when Mercury goes direct again. So bide your time until the end of November, when Mercury has regained all its speed.

On Wednesday just after midnight PST the Sun makes its move into Scorpio. Scorpio is capable of rising from the ashes of the past, like a Phoenix, reborn, powerful and transformed. We are collectively experiencing this influence. We are all flowing with this current together. This particular wave is somewhat intense in that you get right to the edge of your fears and dangle there awhile. Scorpio exposes what is hidden, has a knack for sniffing out the lies. Issues of betrayal, abandonment, death, birth, jealousy, paranoia, power, control, are all in the realm of Scorpio. It can be some pretty heavy territory to cover, but now is the right time to ponder it all. What have you learned? I recently saw a little black and white video clip of author Stephen King offering what he thought was the most important tidbit of advice he ever received: “Don’t let the same dog bite you twice.” It rings of Scorpio, it is the sort of lesson Scorpio learns and teaches. Watch for obsessive behaviour. Expect to get in touch with your dark side. It’s better to own it or it will own you. This honest self reflection allows you to step into your power.

Friday we have a Trine between the Scorpio Sun and Pisces Neptune. This is a magical happenings aspect. You bump into a long lost friend and pick up where you left off, get chosen for the position, finally meet the one. Life is filled with unrecognized moments of magic. But when a Trine occurs with the ruler of your identity and deeply connected Neptune, magic can transpire that is undeniably magical. Deep emotional healing is possible. Certainty of Angels, or Spirit guides could arrive in your consciousness. Perspectives can magically change to allow you the ability to live a happier, more love filled life of freedom. Just in case you did not get that: it’s going to be magical.

Scorpio allows you to get in to whatever it is you need to get in to. Bringing the darkness to light liberates the parts of yourself that got buried with your unacceptable feelings. Deep emotional understanding is available to us now. We can heal it, release it, drop the weight of the stories we carry around. We are are stepping into a more refined reality-we are capable of creating a peaceful planet, we are waking up to our power to create as a species. Remember, you are here now, for a reason. Your presence is needed. Each lesson you learn, each new understanding, each higher choice transforms the darkness to Light, and makes it easier for those that follow. Please take a moment to acknowledge your efforts-Send Love to you and I will too. Namaste

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