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connectedOctober 14-20,2013 we have a Lunar Eclipse and full moon in self-assertive Aries. The Eclipse marks change in our lives. Pivotal point on our path often occur around the Eclipse. The Lunar eclipse helps us learn at an accelerated rate. Change is the only thing that can be counted on. And, with the Moon in me first Aries, and the Sun in considerate Libra – balance between our own needs and the needs of others is coming into sharp focus. Relationships are an integral part of a life fulfilled, now get some help focusing on such important matters.

Monday the Moon travelling in Aquarius is making many aspects. This may help you experience your emotions in a detached way. It’s liberating to be able to feel your feelings and not automatically blame or react. You can gain a broader perspective. The moon will make an opposition to mars that could create a hasty reaction you might regret later- Proceed with caution. That same day the moon shifts into Pisces, quickly smoothing any rough edges from earlier outbursts. The conjunction between the Pisces moon and the ruler Neptune creates a very psychic spin on things. You may just know what you know without knowing how. Settle into a cozy spot and nourish your spirit with art, enjoy the inspiration. New ideas can change your life in these moments of repose. If you are fighting the flow you will end up exhausted and confused. To undo unwanted states be still and generous with yourself.

Tuesday Mars shifts into ever diligent Virgo. Expect to be ceased with the desire to put everything in its place. The details will become extremely important. If you find your digestive system acting up now it’s generally due to not being able to psychologically assimilate all that is going on in your life. We are all on the fast track of evolution now and our bodies need rest and high quality nutrition to integrate the changes- Make space for rest. Always make space for rest. This will keep you stress levels down. Mars in Virgo is passionate about putting things in order- stuff gets done, things like, cleaning under the sofa cushions, or washing windows. Now you can tie up loose ends. Focused productivity Yay!

Friday October 18 at 4:39 pm PST the Moon is full in fiery forthright Aries with a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipse times are powerful portals of change. The focus now is between yourself and others. You might feel tension in areas of relationships while you try to negotiate being your true authentic self and the considerate people pleaser that others enjoy so much. A balance is needed now. With the full moon lunar Eclipse highlighting this important aspect of life, you are being challenged to create fair and pleasurable partnerships that are supportive and beneficial. There is no room for dysfunction any more. Be alert to what is being pointed out to you. It may be time to cast some new characters in your life story. Let go of the old to make room for the new. Saturn in Scorpio is making all the tough choices so much easier.

Saturday Mars in detailed Virgo is opposite dreamy we are one Neptune. This is not an aspect of accomplishment in the traditional sense as Neptune transforms through dissolving while Virgo Mars is super invested in the physical plane and tangible productivity. The best use of this energy would be to tackle a creative project, knowing it will need double-checking or, caring for someone or something that needs you. Keep in mind that you most likely don’t have all the facts-decisions should be deferred to a clearer time.

Another action packed week. Simply being witness to what is occurring in your life this week will give you the insight as to what action you need to take to get to the next step. Lead with your heart and you will find yourself surrounded by goodness and light wherever you go. May we all be surrounded by goodness and light wherever we go!t Look on the right!

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