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November 18-24, 2013 The Sun enters Sagittarius-Lucky for us.

May peace be with you

We can see the great adventure of life more joyfully while the Sun travels Sagittarius. We are still feeling the release of pressure from Sundays full moon. The desire to change is at war with the desire to stay the same. Never fear, High-minded Jupiter is helping action hero Mars light a fire this week. We are in serious times, but life is flowing, carrying you through to fresh territory. You have all that you need to get what you want.

This same day Mars is making moves in fortunate directions with Jupiter. Travel opportunities, exciting business ventures, brand new philosophies and deeper understanding of previously hidden situations are all likely. Jump in. Or off. Or through- any move will do. Action is necessary so please stand up, get moving. Generate momentum and you’ll be grateful you stepped up.Tuesday Chiron, which represents the wounded healer in us, heads direct again. Perhaps you have been in touch with your weak and wounded self, the part that feels ashamed and humiliated. With all this Scorpio energy lately it’s likely that you have gotten pretty real with life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Now that Chiron is moving again you can reap the rewards of deep understanding and heartfelt empathy. What you feel you can help others heal.

Wednesday PST Mercury helpfully connects in an understanding way with Pluto. Conversation comes alive, soul stirring words revealing and healing. This is a cathartic combination. Intellectual connections freshen your perspective. Life is hard, but good. Mysteries dissolve. Tears clear things out. Let them flow. This would be a great day for us all to have a really good cry about whatever comes up. You will feel renewed after a good old drippy sob. Bring the tissue, or a trusty old long sleeve, listen to Coldplay, encourage this cleansing energy- you need it. I need it. The entire planet needs it.

Thursday the life giving Sun is moving into adventurous Sagittarius. It will help lighten the mood. Suddenly you are curious and need to see more, do more, live more. Life wants to be lived. This month mingling and sharing ideas will feed your wonder lusting spirit. If you can travel, do it. You get true perspective when you leave where you came from. Truth and freedom are top of mind this month.

Also on Thursday there is a lucky trine between mental Mercury, sensitive Chiron and the emotional moon. There is a psychic knowing now. We are assimilating constantly evolving pulses of supportive energy. Your ideas make sense now. You perspective is inspired. Be diligent with details to maintain reputations. Opportunity is hovering, it might not actually knock so get your shoes on and go grab it.

Saturday Fair Venus is in a sextile with Loyal Saturn. Saturn is in it for the long haul. This could be a fortunate time to join resources with others: possibly wiser, more experienced individuals. You can take a serious look at all your relationships now. Your assessment of things will be spot on- Trust your realizations. Dip into discipline, focus and connect.

Another week of processing is under way. Be open to what is occurring in your life. Observe carefully and act on intuitive promptings. You miss all the shots in life that you don’t take. We all have numbered days- there is no time for dilly dally. That’s the reality of Living. No one gets out alive. So make the most of the moments you have and remember that getting old is a privilege not afforded to all of us. Take your eyes off the superficial to truly partake in the surreal.

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