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November 11-17, 2013 is a week with heaps of forward momentum. A full moon in earthy Taurus allows us to ground down. Mental Mercury and Visionary Neptune stop their retrograde motion and head forward again. Expect any confusion to clear as the fog begins to lift. You’ve learned a lot in this last three weeks.  Now it is time to seize the energy and focus it in the direction of a more refined and rewarding existence.

Monday is the first day Mercury heads forward again after three weeks seemingly back tracking in Scorpio. Deep thought is the result of this planetary movement, life altering realizations. Each sign has its light and its dark side- Scorpio has the blackest of dark sides and braves the territory of all that is taboo. Like perverts and death, abandonment and betrayal, power and control. The bright side of Scorpio is the ability to be fearless in the face of all that is stigmatized. Deep healing and total transformation are possible when the facts of the matter are faced- Scorpio is good at that. You have been ruthlessly truthful about the relationship dynamics in your life and made some bold moves to create a more harmonious existence.  Friends, family, situations and substances that are no longer useful to you have to go, or are already gone.  Lean into the changes.

Neptune is in a trine with Mercury as well on Monday- This is a very imaginative time where you can sense your direction and see the magical breadcrumbs that have been leading you to your happiest life this whole time.  You can express yourself poetically now, and you may be more able than usual to put words to impressions you have about other sides of reality. Your senses are heightened-shield yourself from harsh vibrations and tune into the softer magical elements of your existence.  Beauty is all around us.

Tuesday enthusiastic Jupiter is in harmony with the Sun.  Expect expansion of vision, enthusiasm for a cause and certainty of purpose are all within reach today. You can be you so effortlessly, with infectious enthusiasm.  Anything to do with teaching, speculating, publishing, and improving things in idealistic ways. Luck surrounds you this day so put yourself out there. It takes only a second to be in the right place at the right time. But you have to move out of the wrong place first.  Boldly go. Now!

Wednesday Neptune is heading forward again in Pisces. You can get moving again. Take action on all Neptune related activities: dance, film, channeling,writing,art, and sacrifice.  All creative efforts are supported.  Healing occurs through expression. Add to the worlds light and love and beauty by sharing your wisdom and vision – the more other worldly the better. With Neptunes direct motion dreams more effortlessly manifest.

Thursday and Friday Venus is fused with Pluto squaring Uranus. Expect surprises. Possibly old relationships resurfacing and shocking you in someway. Things can suddenly turn around in the areas of Love and money. Obsession with the objects of your desire is possible. Be sure that your actions are supportive to all that will be affected by them to harness the potential of this energy. Pluto is not a nice energy when you are being selfish.

Friday Venus, what we value, is conjoining with powerful Pluto. Pluto is a demanding energy and generally gets what its after. Stamping your foot to make an energetic point can yield surprisingly positive results.  State your case in all relationship dealings and make moves towards money and power.  We  naturally shy away from such concepts- it seems unhumble to want to power and wealth.  We are all  free to step into a wealthy place of power  in our own lives. We have been trained to be so much less than we can be. Our true selves held down by conditioning. Pluto and Venus are joining forces so you can claim what you value and grant yourself what you wish. Now you can take back the power to transform your life.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us”  Marianne Williamson

Sunday is the full moon in Taurus.  You will be feeling the build up to this full moon for a few days.  There is an earthy ease to Taurus energy- the simple things, like good food, a cozy environment, comfortable routine and artistic expression can bring great contentment.  The Venus Pluto energy is strong this day- and could indicate powerful declarations of love or perhaps joining forces to create a powerhouse of potential.  Taurus is great for accumulation- The potential for lucrative outcomes to situations begun under this energy is high.  Make concrete plans to manifest a new reality.  Your first step to reality creation is naming your wish and documenting your actions and ideas along the way. Opportunity is often hidden in the hard work of it all. A full moon allows you insight into the real truth of things. This luminary is supporting you now, with Jupiter in the mix you can progress towards your place of power peacefully with patience and protection.  Godspeed!

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