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On Monday, 11:14 pm-PST, the Moon will be New in Taurus with a turningpointgrSolar Eclipse. The New Moon is our monthly opportunity to clarify our objectives, assess our progress, and re-submit our requests. Now is the time to put method to your madness. You are supported by stable, enduring, loyal, certain energy. A Solar Eclipse is like a reset button. As the moon interrupts our relationship to the sun our entire system is rebooted.

On this new moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus you may find yourself feeling grateful for the little things. Dazzled by earthly splendor, you know, all the good stuff. Beyond the hourly news wonderful things are happening everywhere. Dreams are coming true, the rhododendrons are blooming, the sun is warm, the air is fresh and crisp and filled with the smells of a healthy growing vibrant Earth. Life is pretty fantastic, entirely divine even.

To stay centered disengage from the hustle and tune into the flow. Breath deep and root down into the life you are creating for yourself. Are you pleased with what you have drawn into your world? If not, now you can see the simple things that are missing. Tune into nature to fill in the blanks.

Being stubborn for the sake of it could trip you up right now. I’ve seen a Taurus or two, be stubborn to the point of stupidity. If you feel yourself dig your heels in, realize that you are likely being unreasonable just because. But equally often this stubborn streak can be just the sort of knowing you need to stay the course and get behind your ideas. Stand up for a cause. Stick to your vision. Bull headed can serve a valuable purpose, wisely choose your battles.

Tune into the energies to benefit from this planetary event. Before midnight tonight, make some space to clear your mind, sit still, be still, and open your Heart. In this place of stillness all things are created. Imagine you are walking through a doorway to your future. Once you walk through the doorway you cannot go back. Nothing from the past can affect you without your total awareness. What will you bring with you through the door? What dreams and ideas? What people and places? And, what will you leave behind? What could you gladly cut yourself loose from? What negative thoughts do you choose to be without? What unhealthy fear can you let go of? What nasty addiction can you shake out? Who will you be on the other-side of this doorway? Now add to the stillness the vision of the best life you can imagine for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet. Now add the light. The wheels of creation are in motion. Be grateful.

When we come through the other side of this event how we understand life will have shifted. We are moving through this portal whether we know it or not. We are being given the opportunity to restart as an updated version of ourselves. Good-bye to subconscious complexes. Be present in these moments. Choose what future will be yours and let the past go. All the draining baggage hidden below the surface loses its power over you-Now you can move freely in the direction of the highest life you can imagine for yourself. We are blessed! High-Five!

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