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January 6th, 2014
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show up and shine your light

show up and shine your light

January 6-12, 2014 has opportunity for heartfelt connects, moments of beauty and relaxed inspiration. There is also the moderate risk of biting off more than you can chew. With such far-reaching vision available now its tricky not to jump right in. Saturn will quickly come in to put right all this zealous optimism with a little reality check-cross your T’s and dot your I’s for best results.

Monday and Tuesday are great days to get things done.  Write letters, make phone calls, return emails : anything to do with communication will be nicely supported by Saturn connecting with Mercury in a most helpful manner.  There is opportunity to be truly inspired with sound ideas for future endeavors. With the moon and Venus sharing energy you might find yourself feeling really emotional and poetic.  You may start crying tears of joy invoked by a touching image. This is a great sign your heart is open- cry freely and as often as possible to cleanse pent up energy.

Wednesday Clever Mercury and harmony loving Venus fuse together, a wonderful swirl of inspired thinking and awareness of all the beauty in the Universe.  Capture these beautiful supportive feelings in words and send them forward to meet you again and again in the future.

That same day Mars is coming into difficult aspect with Benevolent Jupiter. You may feel like you can change the world if you can just get others to see your point of view.  Which is no doubt true- but people hate to be wrong and are certainly not going to appreciate you telling them this while you inform them of the greater truths of the Universe.  This is where you want to put the breaks on a little.  No one likes a know-it-all.  Mars and Juptier is a powerful blend of energy. Moderate your actions and words with your wise inner voice. Wait a couple days before making new commitments or you might be shocked at what you’ve agreed too when this powerhouse energy has fizzled.

The week ends with some wonderful connections that support you putting yourself out there. Venus conjoins the Sun-helping us to get clear about what we value- which relationships deserve some nurturing?  Make contacts and share your ideas for change with the right people.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on Saturday which is a lovely change making energy. Shaking us from our slumber and raising our focus from the mundane to the needs of the collective.  Humanity needs you.  Now you can clearly see where you are required- your purpose here on Earth may come into sharp focus- leave a note so you can remember what you realized. 2014 will be filled with progress and evolution. If you feel enthusiastic about something you are on the right track- All you have to do is show up where you need to be and shine your lovely light.

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