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December 9th, 2013
This week in Astrology

Freedom is a choice

Freedom is a choice

December 9-15 2013 we will have inspired ideas thanks to clever Mercury and Genius Uranus-Brilliant possibilities present themselves at the perfect time. Life is creating opportunities to get things done in a whistle while you work kind of way.  Yay! There may even be a chance to give your wounded inner child a chance to be heard, and most importantly felt.  With the right perspective anything is positive.

Mondays Moon in Pisces is a dreamy yet productive time- Perhaps an inspired vision manifests in your shimmery imagination. Don’t make any commitments and pinch yourself often to make sure you are awake. Also, take naps. Sleep will feed your tender self.

Tuesday is a potent day.  Wounded healer Chiron is in a stressful square aspect with communicator Mercury.  This could create hurt feelings-Our wounds surface with little instigation-be mindful of the fact that whatever is causing this painful reaction in you has its roots in another time-perhaps another lifetime.  This awareness can help you get a little distance from your feelings.  Feel them Yes, but don’t let them be the absolute truth.

That same day has a fiery Aries Moon activating the warrior energy on the planet-Mars, Aries ruler is also opposite the moon. Expect to feel self-assertive, to say the least. Or if you feel like you are powerless for some reason you might find yourself flying off the handle, frustrated. Anger is the go to emotion of this sort of combo. Anger feels more powerful than shame, or sadness, or rejection.  It’s easier to feel anger. Ask yourself what your angry feelings are trying to tell you about yourself. Assume responsibility for best results.

Also Tuesday, to put a happy twist on all the tricky energy, you might get a brilliant flash of total understanding that renders years of confusion and inner struggle null and void. Sudden understanding is magic when it happens. Grace.  You may also feel the need to freely speak.  Uranus liberates us. Often in shocking ways. Allow yourself to express what needs expressing.  This can heal the thyroid and any issues in the neck and surrounding areas.  When we stifle ourselves it eventually makes a home in our bodies in a stressful way.  Be free like a bird in all you say and do for the most harmonious use of this sudden liberating energy.

Thursday Philosophical idealist Jupiter is in fortunate aspect with dependable Saturn. This feels super productive.  Now would be a great day to get those Christmas obligations finished. Imagine the ease of no Christmas rush.  If you are not into getting things done with time to spare you could use this energy to summon some serious discipline. Change your routine. Include positive actions in the direction of your goals to feel solid uplifting advances in the right direction.

This weekend escapist Neptune, and rigid Saturn come into difficult contact with hot headed Mars. Its tricky to do what is expected, you may dig your heels in or come down with sudden bouts of exhaustion. Do the best you can to honor the moment and respond to your own needs while considering the needs of others too.  Duty and obligation don’t make much sense to you now. Impulsive decision making can backfire. Be thoughtful. The energy this week will help get your ducks in a row.  If you respond to your authentic self you will be rewarded with peace of mind and a feeling of freedom and space. Breathe Joy!


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