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September 28-October 4, 2015 is a a take a breath kind of week. Bask in the glory of all your good decisions.  We have all just entered a new chapter in the story of our lives. On the other side of the Eclipse we can harvest the rewards and see how our effort is really paying off.  Take notes about what you will be creating next in your life. Likely you have had some brilliant new insights or ideas.  Your perspective will become broader and more worldly in the coming years thanks to Saturn moving out of disturbing Scorpio into big thinking, self-righteous Sagittarius. Now you have a wonderful chance to formulate new belief systems. Unless the old ones are really working out for you. How are they working out for you? Your belief systems?

 This last full week of Mercury retrograde is really wonderful for formulating, or reformulating your plans.  With Mercury in Libra relationship issues are on the table, being carefully weighed.  Which is tricky business when there are so many aspects to consider in relationships- The scales are the symbols for Libra, but most situations involve more than two sides to consider.  Which makes the task exhausting.  You might really be feeling the meaning of the word indecisive as of late.

 The Sun is going to be joining up with Mercury Wednesday the 30th, PST, in the morning.  You may just have some real clarity arrive in your mind.  Or in the very least be able to clearly communicate what your needs are and what needs you are willing to tend to in another.  Relationship style. Quid pro quo is the way to go for long-term relationship success.  We only have so much energy, Libra teaches/learns balance. What are ‘our needs’?  is really the question, and how do we meet them?

Though this last bit of Mercury retrograde isn’t for starting anything new you can revisit dusty plans and see if they should be renewed.  Perhaps it is worth restoring some of these inner hopes and dreams.  But then again it might not be.  Mercury is famous for bringing old relationships back into our lives- especially in other oriented Libra.  We all like to see our reflection in our relationships whether we realize it or not.

Perhaps the old connections are showing up just to help you realize that you have moved on and are no longer choosing unproductive associations.  I sound like a Capricorn.  I am a Capricorn.  It just makes sense to surround yourself with people who support and encourage you, people you can look up too and learn something from. If that is not the case in your life pat yourself on the back for seeing it and show yourself how much you care about you by moving on.

This week is much less energetically taxing than last week but there is a depth to what we are busy accomplishing while we relax.  If you lift your head to the light you can feel the rightness of the circumstances surrounding you now.  You are on your way to so much more with effortless ease. Less drama and more perspective make this next installment of our lives empowering to say  the least. Good Job!  I really mean that. Life is no easy feat. Keep going, it just gets better. “Every day, in every way it’s getting better and better.”Godspeed!

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