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14-20 September, 2015 is a big week in the Cosmos- We are in an Eclipse Portal, doorways to new adventures are opening.  Saturn lightens up and leaves Scorpio behind for another 30 years. Lucky us!  And trickster Mercury is making us second guess everything during his retrograde. All this while Dreamweaver Neptune is Opposite think Big Jupiter.  Big changes are happening be ready for opportunity.  We are in the space between what was and what will be.  It’s shimmery and not quite focused.

After the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo  Late Saturday PST we are reset in a way.  Eclipses are portals that usher us along in our growth.  With Virgo being so prominent now our routines and every day details about health and habits come into focus.  You may not be able to unsee what you have seen. Which is good.  Having your head in the sand is so limiting.

With Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio until it slides into Sagittarius you have the beginning of this week to clear it up once and for all.  At least until similar issues appear in another 30 years when Saturn hits Scorpio again.

If there is deep dark difficult issues to clear.  Do it now.  On Thursday when Saturn enters Sagittarius you will feel the shift from what’s under there to what’s up up and beyond here. It’s a shift to a much more optimistic energy.  But Saturn is not an optimist, he is a task master.  I suspect there will be a lot of questioning belief systems.  Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the truth seeker of the Zodiac.  The intuition is uncanny and creates self certainty that often borders on arrogant self-righteousness.  Any flaws in your foundational beliefs are going to be discovered in this next couple of years. New beliefs are set to take their place. Ones that assist you in creating a more fulfilling life of truth and freedom.

Also Thursday our connection to the unexplainable, Neptune, and great Adventurer Jupiter are in a push pull situation.  Essentially stimulating both Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces.  In the best case scenario you will be able to bring your dreams down to earth.  Jupiter in Virgo expanding efficiency in the real world. Neptune in Pisces keeping us aware of the possibilities, glimpsing alternate realities that would bring us what we seek.

More for Thursday- Mercury is backsliding again- keeping us from being full steam ahead.  Muddling the world of communications.  We have a chance to think differently.  With Libra being the place it back tracks our minds will be on relationships.  Our needs, the needs of others, how to make win/win situations. If things are not fair expect to be made painfully aware of it.  All is well when you face the truth.  Better to clean up tricky issues than stuff them and walk around with resentment in your heart. Or worse be the subject of someone else’s resentful heart.

Also with Mercury retrograde relationships from the past might show up for understanding and clearing.  And anything that you need to re-address, re-do, re-vitalize, research, re-affirm, all the re-words work very well when clever Mercury is in retrograde. But be careful with paperwork and communications, or purchasing electronics or transportation.   Things are not clear until the end of October when Mercury is full steam ahead until his next retrograde in 3 months.

A ton of shifting this week.  Keep your feet on the ground and be aware of what is transpiring around you. The Universe is always bringing us what we need to learn next.  Clearing the way for our hearts deep desires.  The planets are helping us to automagically transform. It’s more fun to participate consciously, acknowledging the magic as it happens. Drawing more magic in.  May this be a week of upward shift to the next best place in our most precious lives. Namaste.


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