Hillory Skott

November 6-12, 2016 Mercury moved out of super suspicious Scorpio into all knowing Sagittarius. There will be blurting. Glorious truth. The Light will prevail. Venus moves into Scorpio to keep us focused on rising from the ashes of the past. Wise old Saturn will be joining force with revolutionary Uranus- We are leveling up and we are doing it with such amazing support from the Universe. This is why we bother. Its go time.

Venus ruler of what we value. Is it money? Love? Peace? Is heading into Scorpio. Deep understanding and resolution are possible now. Venus in Scorpio is good at commitment and great at obsession. You may just find yourself diving deep to figure out why your relationships are not what you want. It could be your relationship to anything you value, not just humans. How do you relate to what holds value for you? It’s time to know so you can lay new, supportive foundations of trust and love.

Venus in Scorpio gone wrong can lead to paranoia. Jealousy. Feelings of obsession and plays for power and control. Vengeance is one of the feelings an enlightened Scorpio has to talk themselves out of.

But with this mix of Venus in Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius there is an opportunity to express, like a festering boil, all that is slowly poisoning the system. Expose the root of the problem and flush out the dis-ease.

Pedophiles, rapists, predators of all kinds, beware. The good and light, the right, has no place for the evil feeders. With Scorpio we are willing to face it, to name it. With Sagittarius we need to speak about it, call it out. This heals.Vampires will need to find new sources of energy.

With Venus in Scorpio we may just be able to find our true love one and only. Commitment and deep bonds of love can be formed here. Get clear about what you want and mostly what you need. Get clear about what you have to offer too. We get what we give.

On Saturday Saturn and Uranus are connecting in a way that supports us. Even though these two function differently. One wants to go slow and steady, the other wants blow that shit up. In a trine there is opportunity. Ease. New foundations to help you build your out of the box new way of living. Liberate yourself from restrictive, life sucking situations.

Ask for the support you need from the Universe. Your guides are always available, remember to ask. If you can bust up and away from the status quo you can help others do the same just by living your life as You. It is what we are here to do. The fog is clearing. Now is the time. With Love all around and Light leading the way.


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