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October 5- 11, 2015 we are back in action. Mercury stops to move forward again.  Lucky Us! No more technological and communication snafus after Friday.  Ever evolving Pluto is pushing us all beyond our comfort zone, while Neptune dazzles us with dreams just on the other side of right now.  Venus moves to Virgo this week too- We can feel a shift in focus- pleasure is found in the practical.

Anybody that has paid attention to Pluto’s effect in their lives knows that this celestial being deserves planetary status, and then some.   It feels like grow or die sometimes.  That may be true for all of us in many ways right now. Pluto is the ruler of death and dying, as well as rebirth.  Both sides of the same coin. It is thought that we start dying when we resist our growth, doing what we know we should.  So Pluto is going to square the Sun and help make us do what we know we should. Thanks Pluto.

Neptune is working its magic with an opposition with action Planet Mars. Frustration is likely if you resist the flow.  If you can manage to be active in a way that allows room to change your mind you could have an inspired day of necessary progress.  Not knowing is fine.  We have to not know before we realize we really want to know.

Venus moves into orderly Virgo for the next month starting Thursday -PST. Practical matters have high value now.  Key Relationships are in focus- Who do you share responsibility with? Who’s burdens do you lighten?  Now is the time to choose to fortify relationships.  If you choose to go it solo ask yourself why?  Which way of life offers the most happiness and support?   Venus will travel along in Virgo next to Mars and Jupiter too. Look for opportunities to expand order and fortify the best scenarios for your future.

Mercury is moving forward starting Friday the ninth PST.  This was a tough one for me.  There was a ton of miscommunication about little things.  I couldn’t find the power cable for the printer.  “Weird, where could it be?”  Helpful hubby picks me up a new cord.  But he brings me a usb cable rather than a power cable.  Which is the cable I can’t find.  I clarify which cable and he reminds me that we have been swapping the little tv power cable back and forth with the printer for ages (we must have lost the tv cable  it a few Mercury retrogrades ago). So, we had the power cable all along.  It took three days for that revelation. Thanks Mercury retrograde. Good fun.  It will be in full forward motion by the 25th- That is when the rubber will hit the road.  Until then proceed with caution. And,most importantly patience.

Sunday is a potent end to an already major week. Big thinking Jupiter will come into a harmonious trine with Pluto.  This is an earthy, practical connection.  Your foundation is growing.  Allow this transformation to occur. You need it. Shortly after this connection sudden flashes of insight can strike as Uranus is in opposition the Sun. This will affect Libras and Aries the most as it happens in those signs.  This is a very individual energy that may make compromise near impossible.

It is not impossible.  It just takes willpower and a little composure.  If you barrel ahead thinking only of your own needs you will leave the support you have in the dust.  What goes around comes around. Send out Love and Support and that is what you will receive back. Healing you heals me. Feeding you feeds me. Loving you Loves me. What you give is what you get. Take ten deep breaths before acting.  What would Love do?  Now do that!

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