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November 30-December 6, 2015 Venus enters Scorpio for some sexytime before the new year. Or some deep investigation into taboo topics. Scorpio is ruled by transformative Pluto.  Only the deep will do. So roll with it, or around in it. Passion, intrigue and intense connections will add a little drama and spice to this last month of 2015.  

We are still heavily under the influence of structure building Saturn and shimmery dream weaver Neptune.  Very different energies trying to reconcile something important.  How can you bring your dreams down to reality?  What of the past can you release?

I had to let go of my little flock of hens.  I really loved just watching the chickens, I could do it for hours- they connect me to nature in a whole new way. But we will be moving soon. My daughter became a teenager and has no interest in the ladies any more. And then there is the effort they take. The extra energy. I only have so much to go around I tell myself.  Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s just another story. Maybe both.

I decided they needed to go. That I was done with the poop and the egg collecting and the concern. Very adulty of me. I actually decided this while me dear old Doberman was dying in the spring. My whole world changed to accommodate my dogs departure and I met a lady at the grocery story early one morning. I am more a night shopper so it was weird to be there. This warm vivacious lady and I hit it off and she happened to be getting chickens. She offered to take mine.  What are the odds of that? “ Pretty high,” my smart assed hubby would say.

I had to let go of something that I kind of wanted to hold on to.  But to forward my life I needed to let go of things that were in any way a drain. All very Neptune/Saturn themed.

Luckily and thankfully, our hens moved up in the world.  Their new coop is so much better, prettier, safer. They have cows where they are now. Chickens and cows really like each others company. There is a handsome little rooster to watch out for them too. And warm loving people to feed and appreciate them. And I am going to buy the eggs back with the money we save on feed.

I soooo appreciate when the Universe helps you through big changes like this. Feel so very grateful. They have only been gone a day, and I already feel a little lighter.  I can always visit- More adulting. . . Saturn would be proud. Expect this letting go to get theme to continue through 2016. Saturn will tell you what needs to go and Neptune can work the magic to make it fortunate and effortless to let go.

Tuesday it is likely you will have some kind of significant communications either with yourself or with someone else. Sudden ideas can land in your mind. Revelations and insights that change your perceptions. And,we all know that when you change your perceptions you change everything. ” When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” W.Dyer.

Friday PST is when sensitive Venus moves from wishy washy but charming Libra to mate for life Scorpio. Unless trust is somehow breached, then it’s off with your head. Trust can take a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy.  Scorpio needs things safe and secure to fully flower-we all do.

With Venus travelling through Scorpio we may find things get intense in some way. If there is going to be drama may it be the good kind.  For those of you more comfortable on the surface, good luck, the surface just doesn’t have the depth Scorpio needs.

Hold your breath and go for a dive to feel fully and ever so completely alive. You’ll resurface in January when Venus moves into totally open and adventurous if not somewhat unavailable Sagittarius.

The weekends Mars/Pluto square has some possible hostile energies to contend with.  You might just feel snappish and impatient. Worst case scenario is you find yourself fantasizing about offing someone- I suspect the character Dexter had the Mars Pluto square.  So mind your own business if possible this weekend.  Don’t provoke.  Use your considerable energy to focus on something all consuming, like changing the pipes in your walls. Or getting rid of all your old furniture. Focused effort is a great idea. A productive way to ride the tricky waves of energy.

Change is on the move again, getting you closer to who you choose to be, living the life you’ve dreamed to live.  It’s exciting stuff. Breathe in and feel alive, let go step into position . . .In perfect Love and Perfect trust.


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