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July 31- August 6, 2017 Just a week away from the eclipse Venus moves into nurturing Cancer and Uranus goes retrograde. Expect an obvious shift in your emotions as Venus leaves shifty Gemini to family loving Cancer. Uranus is slowing down long enough for us to predict the unpredictable. An Pluto and Jupiter are having a show down. Keep thinking win/win for best results.

This week we can all feel the edgy energy of newness crackling in the cosmos. Physical sensations of anxiety and sleeplessness are possible. If you can’t sleep get up and do something. On the seventh at 11:11 am PST the full moon in radical Aquarius is also a Lunar Eclipse. Stuff that needs to change is changing. That is how the story is supposed to go. On and on. We can feel it and often pivotal things occur the week before the Eclipse. Take note.

With Venus moving out of Gemini into Cancer your values are going to change dramatically. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. Devoted, caring, sensitive and protective. You might find you want to take the next step in relationships and set up a cozy nest with someone. Maybe you are going to fluff up the nest you have now. Cancer values family. It values a safe and cozy abode. What can you do to nurture the nurturer.

Expect to be a super duper feeler this month. Cancer is a water sign and healthy emotions should flow just like healthy water does. So don’t hold back. Feel the feels. They won’t kill you. Even the worst ones can be tolerated. Once you feel something you can let it go. It’s trying not to feel that gets us in all kinds of trouble, like drinking too much,or anything too much really. Tears cleanse. Let them up and out. Let it up and out.

On August second Uranus is going retrograde. Uranus is an electric energy that is shocking and rebellious. It shakes up the status quo and considers the good of all. It loves to shock us out of our stupor. This is how it keeps us rolling on the evolutionary super highway. We may long to stay the same on some bizarre and lazy level but Uranus makes sure that isn’t gonna happen. With Uranus retrograde this quality is even more intense.

Feelings of being trapped are common as Uranus wants freedom for all. Anything or anyone that is getting in the way of you becoming who you are meant to be will no longer be tolerated. The retrograde Uranus energy tends to build up and then burst forth. It can be sudden and shocking but brings with it life changing revelations, inventions, philosophies and technologies. You cannot control this energy. But you can be ready to channel it. The more tuned in you are the less shocking Uranus is. If you have been making the changes needed all along they won’t be so dramatic now.

Friday Pluto and Jupiter square off. Jupiter is expanding the Libra energy of harmony, peace and connection while Pluto is busy with more important things, laying foundations and exposing the weakness in our unquestioned traditions and modes of operation. You may feel pulled in different directions this week. Do your best to allow each of these needs expression. All of our needs deservto be met. Be willing to compromise.

Keep fast on your feet and ready to act. Think outside the box. Like way outside the box. What is life without freedom? What is life without innovation? Not all it can be, that’s for sure. This week go easy on yourself and be prepared. If you do a little daydreaming the future will unfold before you. Just a little intention needed. Just a little focus. Choose to be the best version of your highest self. So others may be the best version of their highest self. Do this with Love and trust. In perfect Love and perfect Trust.

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