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September 21-27,2017 The epic total Solar Eclipse in regal Leo on August 21 at 11:30 am PST Is powerful to say the least. It has been 100 years since a total Eclipse has occurred in North America. Imagine blinking and your whole world changes. This is the power of the Eclipse.

The Light goes out for about 2.5 min as the moon covers the sun.. It crosses the USA from Oregon to south Carolina.  This is the first total Eclipse that we have the world wide web to connect us with such vast amount of information and history. We have rapidly evolved into global citizens that communicate through a web of energy.  Wow.

Astrologically Eclipses are incredibly potent.  They Land on new and full moons harnessing the power of endings and beginnings. Doorways to other realities open.

Astrology is about observation and connecting what you observe to the geometric dance of the planets through the Cosmos. History has proven Eclipses to be times of great change.

This Eclipse shines through the lens of Leo. It is stately and commanding much attention. Imagine the eyes of the entire world will be watching this play out.  We stand with bated breath, kinda weird really. My instinct says stay home, you don’t need to see this.  Interesting.

For this New moon in Leo you can access your truest Joy. The North Node is pulling us in the direction of our highest evolution.  What you can tap into is a sense of self worth.  Reach for that now, take back your power by knowing who you are, how very valuable your contribution is.

There are helpful aspects surrounding this  new moon solar Eclipse on Monday.  Eccentric Uranus is shaking up the status quo. Mars and Jupiter are working together to create pockets of fabulous opportunity. Things are expanding. Your courage is growing, the fucks you give are almost nonexistent.

You are here to lay the foundation of a new age. You are here to anchor in Joy and Peace and Love. We are here to thrive.  The doorway is opening- now walk on through.

This Solar Eclipse in Leo is our chance to collectively shift to a higher finer dimension of authenticity and love. A heart centerd world is an evolved world.

On the day of the Eclipse stay in the heart.  Make lists of everything you are grateful for.  Write down your goals. What is your heart’s desire? What can you do everyday to add Joy to your world? Be the change you want to see- You are worth a zillion happy moments. Choose Life times of Love and peace.  Send that choice in all directions of time.  Now step into position. Offer your gifts and watch as the world transforms around you.


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