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May 4-10, 2015 Lovely Venus shifts into cozy home loving Cancer on Wednesday. Deeply sensing Pluto is connecting to the Sun-Are your needs for a supportive loving truth filled home being met? Now you can get clear about what your real needs are so the Life can go about fulfilling them for you. Stickler Saturn is at odds with mystical Neptune. Nothing is as it seems, do avoid contracts and commitments. Clarity is confused.

We are still coming down, or up, or around, from the influence of the intense Scorpio full Moon on May 3, 2015. You’ll find your footing soon enough as what we discoverd in the deep dark depths under the Scorpio energy is usually used to empower and free us in someway. So what did you discover this last little while?

By Wednesday PST the stable Taurus Sun will be dancing with Pluto in a happy aspect called a trine. Though Happy might be to light a word for Pluto. It could be elation or all the pieces of the puzzle falling into place. Perhaps it will relate to your foundation, or dreams being made real. The earthy energy is all about the real. What can you make more tangible? Build it up. Step-by-step. Now you can put method to what was formerly just madness. Pluto leaves no stone unturned, after all it is up to the work of an evolving soul.

Thursday Venus, ruler of all that we value, is moving from flirty Gemini into commitment loving Cancer. Now it is time to bless your nest. Fluff it up with Love and Joy and color. Cancer is a family centered sign that does best as part of a close knit family unit. Pets and plants are like the cherry on top of a happy home.

Now you might find yourself falling in Love. Suddenly you might really start to value your home and family life. What can you do now to make your home more cozy? Have you cleared the energy lately? Smudging is a great tool to clean the slates and bring fresh clear energy into the home. Get rid of dead weight, make room for things you really want in your life.

Saturday, there is a stressful square, energies at cross purposes, between  mental mercury and dreamy Neptune. Things are not clear right now. Worst case someone is actually lying to you, deceiving you in some way. But you won’t be able to see how until the fog clears. Expect real forward movement in later June, Until then, no commitments, no document signing, and please don’t marry someone you met on the weekend, even it feels like your long lost soul mate. It will likely be will be regretted a best.

Do take time to nap, soak in long hot baths, stare into space, watch inspiring films. Be careful what you feed yourself on all levels: mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Your sensitivity is heightened and you could be more vulnerable energetically. Stay away from chemicals and weird lists of ingredients. Gum isn’t just gum these days it’s an aspartame delivery system, a neurotoxin you need to avoid. There is a ton of stuff like that out there.  Be cautious, choose carefully.

Steer clear of crowded places and low energy people. Now you need to preserve your strength and sense of contentment. Choose peace and beauty over chaos and drama for best results this week. Postpone any pressure filled situations. Clarity is sure to come to those who ask for it.

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