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July 6-12, 2015 Starts off with the past looking family loving Cancer Sun in opposition to deep digging Pluto in stoic Capricorn. Might be time to quit whining and get done what needs doing.  Volatile energy is in the air.  Fires are burning across north America and the winds are erratic, strong and unpredictable. Change is gonna happen whether we like it or not.

I often find co-relation to the weather and Astrology. On days with perfect weather there is often a lovely aspect between Venus and the Sun.  Rain can be Neptune and Pluto connecting. Wind disturbing the Peace can be Uranus and Mercury. So, I wondered if there was something Astrological representing all these forest fires.  I can smell smoke and there is thick haze in the air. Apparently there are 50 fires burning in BC right now, with two communities declaring a state of emergency. They are poised to evacuate. These fires are not under control.

It turns out that Mars in Cancer is related to threatening forest fires.  The kind that might burn our house down.  All that fiery Mars energy is kinda dangerous in Cancer. Threatening to the home.  Even if just emotionally. There is a heightened focus on Cancer now. We are focused on our roots or our actual home.  Mars energy is impatient and forthright. Cancer could wait forever and really does not mind moving in sideways. Explosions of emotions are likely this week. Or an immense amount of really productive work around the home.  In a perfect world of course.  

This is true even more with the Sun opposing  Pluto now. You might want to cut away everything that holds you back. Pluto is relentless in his pursuit of growth and evolution. Whatever creates stagnation must be exposed and removed.  Make room for the new.  Maybe that is what the fire is trying to do too. Anything blocking progress needs to be removed. Saturn in Scorpio is really helping to properly finish things up. No loose ends.

Mars trines Neptune Wednesday PST. There is a magical quality to this energy, like fuel for your dreams to come true. Especially if they relate to topics that Cancer excels in. Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac: emotional, intuitive, nurturing, protective, and bossy. Things get done, especially in relationships within the home. You will feel closer to those you love by sharing the truth. This is  productive. You can assert yourself now even if it’s emotional. Your feelings are valid.

Sunday ends the week with a testy energy between Uranus and the Sun.  Uranus is making change where change is needed and the Sun in Cancer wants to order in and fluff up the nest with new decor and simple pleasures. Uranus is a rebel . . . Uranus loves to shock.

It’s a strange week. But in a interesting way.  Be present. Be persistent. Be peaceful. Life will let us know which way to go. You absolutely can decide what feelings you wish to feel. Cultivate your emotional territory and leave behind a legacy of peace and healing.  Namaste.


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