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June 8-14, 2015 Mercury moves direct clearing the air for more precise movement forward. But wait. . .Dreamy Neptune might confuse things for awhile- if its too good to be true, bow out. The question is: How do you tell the difference between a shyster and a helpful connection?  It may be hard to tell right now. Also, this week back tracking Saturn is reentering Scorpio until September.  Expect a revisiting of the issues you were dealing with late last year. They are coming up for final completion. Lean into all those uncomfortable feelings.

All week there is luck and harmony connecting life in ways we can’t see.  If you need to express yourself midweek is helpful.  Communications can be downright magical.  Like when you know exactly what someone is going to say. Or you realized you share the same reoccuring dream with someone.  Those moments when the coincidence is all to much to just be coincidence. I wonder if atheists have less synchronicity in their lives than more spiritual types?  It is those moments of magical timing that assure me something much grander then I can imagine is in this with me. And what a giant relief that is. Expect unexpected good news. How lucky.

Mercury does go direct again on the 11th.  It wont be back to where it was until the 27th, but this shadow period is still a forward moving time.  Less glitches  to contend with.  Don’t make any really big commitments until the end of the month. And do enjoy the curious energy of Gemini. Get out and socialize, make connections. Pollinate, cross pollinate even.

Neptune will be retrograde until mid-November. Neptune is an slippery shimmery planet that creates illusion for us. It fogs over the details. It changes by dissolving. It rules addiction and denial.  It is the supreme escapist.  But it is also our connection to the unseen world.  It inspires and creates and dances and sings. With a back tracking Neptune previously hidden truths make there way to the light of day. You may have been fooling yourself until now.  If this is the case with some situation in your life, you need to really deal with it head on. Other wise things will prove more difficult. If you dont take the nudge eventually you will get the shove.

The great things about Neptune Retrograding is that we get a chance to feel more clear. We can get a glimpse into things that might have been kept secret. It can be big like finding out you were adopted or something simple like finding out you are eligible for a rebate on child taxes.  Something formerly hidden will be clear. And that is always helpful.

Sunday PST Saturn steps back into Scorpio. Ain’t no secrets here.  Scorpio is a probing sign, they like to dig out the infected pockets of pain inside.  Scoprio sniffs out the dysfunction.  With super realistic Saturn here you might find yourself feeling a lot more than is comfortable.  But facing the facts is always preferable to pretending they do not exist. This is the last pass in Scorpio for another 28 or so years. So be a trooper and deal with the emotional details that come up now. This a chance to bury the hatchet, and lay something done down to rest.  Something old. Practice forgiveness.

With Neptune and Saturn retrograde in water signs taking care of your emotional health is important. Nurture yourself and stay away from unnatural substances. Neptune rules the lymph in our bodies.  Dry skin brushing, castor oil packs, epsom salt baths, wind chimes, crystals and magical sticks of clearing sage will help you immensely.  All forms of subtle gentle body/mind/soul care works wonders. Remove the blockage and life will return with gusto. Honor your processes with gratitude, you could’nt do it without you.  Blessings, blessings everywhere!

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