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May 11-17, 2015 lots of shifts and adjustments occur as fiery Mars moves into curious communicator Gemini. Saturn is overseeing situations, possibly stalling your progress- Remember rejection is simply a redirection to a better path. The weekends with a peaceful dreamy trine between gentle Venus and otherworldly Neptune,helping us see beyond any suffering we may be feeling, a glimpse of the grand design. The New moon in stable Taurus ends the week- plant the seeds of your near future, include: abundance, health and a sense of safety, beam Love all around for happiest results

Mars shifts to Gemini Monday which feels very different from the relaxed pace of Mars in Taurus. If there is communicating to do now is the time. A sudden urge to explore and expand your involvement in life may overwhelm you. So follow your nose. Anything that requires you to connect the dots will be a draw. Get involved with the community, explore your neighborhood. Acquaint yourself.

Friday PST holds a difficult aspect between chitty chatty Mars in Gemini and wisdom seeking Saturn in Sagittarius. This is an opposition which we will likely be feeling all week. Saturn is pushing for deep truth and authentic understanding. But Mars is really just wanting to keep busy and mingle. Opposite energies at play require us to learn the art of compromise. Think this and that, not either or. Although this is easier said than done, we are likely swinging wildly between the two extremes. Perhaps you are just beginning to grasp the consequences of a new enlightened perspective but are required to attend a social gathering that holds little interest and not a soul to share your brilliant new realizations with. An argument between the big bottom line truth of it all and the truth as it is right now is occurring. Good luck to us all- it isn’t fluffy- the stuff we are wrestling with.

Luckily Neptune, dissolver of obstacles is connecting with sensitive Venus in Cancer. This is a blessing to us all. A peek beneath the hard surface. A glimpse of understanding. Sometimes a shift in perspective is a true miracle in our lives. A simple shift in how we view something can entirely change our relationship to it.

Be careful with who and what you are around on Saturday. You will be very sensitive. Boundaries will be blurred. You need to be sure to have a salt water soak and use a sage stick in your home, or whatever little rituals you like to rid yourself of unwanted energies. The more sensitive you are the more likely you will be vulnerable to cling on energies.

Surround yourself with Beauty and positive people and you will surely tap into the dreamy lovely energy of these two peace seeking planets. Understanding our purpose is possible- Be open, surrounded in Love and Light.

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