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June 22- 28, 2015 is the first week of summer it starts off with a supportive trine between our great benefactor Jupiter and Liberating Uranus. Followed closely by fuzzy Neptune and fact loving Mercury in a growth creating square.  Mars will move to Cancer as well which creates a possibility for indecision, frustration and possible epic passive aggressive behaviour.  Any energy directed towards home and family will be more powerful. Find a productive channel and launch yourself. The week ends with a zany freedom seeking mix between other loving Venus and edgy Uranus.  Anything is possible- Live in the moment- it’s really all we got.

Summer is a much more stable time than spring. Things slow down. You can slow down.  You can stabilize and slowly build on what occurred to you during the beginning of spring.  Weight loss efforts are often more successful at this time of year. It’s a time for growth but in a way that is predictable and less chaotic.

The week does start off with a lucky mix between Jupiter and Uranus.  Be ready to jump at opportunities, but make sure there is an out if you decide to change your mind.  The lucky energy shifts to a difficult mix between Mercury and Neptune.  Things might get fuzzy, communications can become unclear.  Hence, be sure there is a way out if you happen to be on the wrong track. There are lessons in every direction. Don’t cry over spilt milk and all that.  Fail fast and move on if need be. The situation has yet to clarify-don’t allow yourself to be manipulated.   And most importantly, don’t manipulate.What goes around comes around.

Mid week fiery Mars moves into Cancer. These two don’t really jive with each other.  Mars charges ahead and Cancer likes to get there sideways.  Cancer controls with a vibe and Mars just takes control.   This could create some next level passive aggressive behaviour.  Yikes.  If you can focus on a project that takes all your efforts to get ahead and build a more solid home for you and your family this energy can be the wind in your sails.  It is all about perspective and intention.  

Sunday has a fun combo between Venus and Uranus.  Uranus is so quirky and alluring with it’s rebel perspectives and alternate lifestyle.  Venus loves to connect. These two together could create an unusual love scenario. Or urge you to bust out of restrictive relationships. Ruts don’t work here.  How boring! Get yourself out into the work on Sunday because it could be such a lucky day. Put yourself into the positive flow of the Universe- Life is waiting for your direction.  You are the true wizard of your own realty.  Think Big!


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