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August 10-16, 2015 Jupiter steps into Virgo- Bringing your magic down to earth is the theme for the next year. The New Moon in Leo is here to set your intentions for the next phase.  Creativity, children, unconditional love and Romance and fun and unabashedly being who you really are will be supported during this encouraging brave New Moon.

In the early hours of Tuesday PST  Jupiter will have to retire his party hat.  Once this expansive planet moves into Virgo all things Virgo will grow.  This is great for many of us.  It grounds the big ideas and visions we see during Jupiter in Leo in to work a day reality.

Our desire to be of service will grow considerably during this year. Opportunity to perfect foundational behaviour is on offer. Consider your diet, exercise, general order in your home and lifestyle.  Destructive habits can be intentionally let go effortlessly. Expand all things healthy and pure.

Don’t forget to make plans.  You don’t want to miss this lovely wave of change.  You might feel a little let down as Jupiter shifts into Virgo.  Kind of like when you part company after a good party, or get home after a sunny vacation.  Its  kind of a let down. Virgo is into perfecting.  Party time is good while it lasts but lets move on and make some real progress. Drop the self-sabotaging behaviours and grow.

Watch for your critical faculties to grow beyond all recognition. If you find yourself noticing all the flaws in every person and situation stop yourself. You may just be distracting yourself from your own flaws.   You are never going to be perfectly perfect and neither is anyone else.  Go ahead and work towards it, which is what we are here for.  But don’t suck all the joy out of life searching for an impossible standard of excellence.

Mid week Neptune and Mercury are in opposition which could cause some confusion.  Or a case of rose colored glasses.  Channel your energy into free flowing creativity.  let your mind wander and be ready to jot down any inspirations that come through.

You might come up with some outside the box solutions while the Sun trines Uranus helping you  be brazen and original.  Whatever you pursue, you need to be uniquely you. Don’t filter yourself. The odds are with this mix of energy you will not be able to anyway. This is the sort of rebel energy that can set you free from restrictive situations. You don’t even see it coming.

Friday August 14 the Moon will be New in Leo. Uranus and Venus are all sharing space in the sky with this new moon adding their wishes and magic into the mix. Ask for what you want. Be clear about what you are able to give in return. Think big – You are worthy of everything you can imagine for yourself. What you value should be in line with what will bring you Joy.  Open your heart and beam your wishes out to the Universe. Most of us don’t take time to organize our thoughts. With just a little planning we can head in the direction of our dreams come true.

Communicator Mercury and depth defying Pluto are working  Saturday PST to  clear the air with healing conversations. Vulnerability is strength.  Warm fuzzy heart to heart connection can be achieved now.  The stars are aligned, as they say. Peace and Blessings.


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