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March 2-8, 2015  The Moon is full in vigilant Virgo guiding us to clean it all up. Generous Jupiter connects with Quirky Uranus and romantic Venus in brave Aries. Luck in Love and fortune are likely. With a fiery Uranus in the mix prepare for the unexpected. New interesting risky ventures will draw you now. Bust out of the old and welcome in the new. There is a depth of feeling to what seems fleeting thanks to powerful Plutonian emotions erupting this week too. The truth is making its way to the light of day. You can run, but you can’t hide, wherever you go, there you are. Face the facts and be sure to consider what’s best for all involved. Selfish acts bring disruptive results. Be the you you wish you were.

With a whole lot of a planets in Aries you will definitely feel the need to take action. Bold selfish action if need be. Which is fabulous for the less forward moving types. If you are already heavy on the self assertive energy, maybe you are a fire sign, then you might want to be mindful of the effect you have on others this week.

Your Soul is itching to get itself moving in new directions. Initiate changes!

Early Tuesday PST Jupiter does a little dance with Uranus. Both are in fire signs: entitled Leo and get your needs met Aries. What dreams have you been dreaming up? This is the kind of day that could deliver the goods, at long last. Visualize, you must must must invest energetically to achieve your dreams. Imagine the life you desire and pull all attention from worries and negative hallucinations. You are creating what you focus on most. Now, with all this energy at your disposal it is even more important to think big and wise and kind!

Wednesday has some wonderfully tricky energy. Jupiter is connecting with Venus in Fiery Aries bringing blessings with a Boom as it slides into conjunction with Uranus. This could be a big windfall for some of us. Especially if it hits on an important part of our chart.

The same night Pluto and Venus square off creating a kind of intense desire to go in a different direction. Someone might want to get into it and you don’t or vice a versa. It’s tricky eventful energy. Show up for it. Raise your hand for the assignment. Go get it you go getter.

Thursday at 10: 05 am the moon is full in Virgo. The full moon in Virgo opposite the Pisces Sun is gracing the planet with an opportunity to get clear on what to do to take proper care of yourself. Issues of order and chaos, creativity and logic, real and not as it seems are all up for consideration. A fine balance is always required for happiness. Virgo is wonderful at finding the flaws, whereas Pisces is more accepting of things as they are. To really use this wonderful energy plan some changes. Big ones!

What needs to change in your self care routine? Now is the time to get clear and set your intentions. Above all other signs Virgo knows what’s best for the body. This fine tuned energy is top notch in it’s pursuit of perfection, at least in theory. You can tap into this and see what needs to be swept from the corners and what needs to begin. Are you in need of some energetic assistance? Flower remedies are gentle, supportive, nontoxic tinctures that can really help you with pesky emotions like anxiety and worry and lack of self worth. Seek support and act on your inner knowing.

This is a great day to have a cleansing bath with salts and essential oils, soak the past from your pores and let it swirl down the drain, effortless release of what is no longer useful. Fresh starts are available. Healthy, happy fresh starts with all that you need to get you where you want to be. A physically healthy body is imperative, make it a top priority, starting with this full moon in Virgo. Commit to yourself. Love Your Self! And Life will Love you back! You’ll see.

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