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August 17-23 2015 is the last week of the Sun in Fabulous Leo. Boo, because Leo knows how to have fun. But also Yay! Because the Sun in Virgo gets things done. So enjoy the playful Leo Sun this week, it won’t be back until next year.

Wednesday this week has an interesting trine between Venus in do it big Leo and seriously shocking Uranus. This might be a wonderful sudden romance- that triggers your awareness of boredom and routine.    True, we could all use a shake up in the routine, especially the fixed types: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. It keeps us young and alive to contribute to the world around us in new and different ways.  But be careful not to do something that can’t be undone. Your current relationship might be dull but don’t throw in the towel with one bad decision.

Use the energy wisely by trying a new art form or going dancing.  Something different, but still wholesome and supportive to your overall life. If it’s really all that bad you can make big changes in the fall. For now observe what is occurring around your and be happy. Life is short- choose happy.

The weekend looks a little heavy. Big strict Saturn is contacting the Sun before it influences the moon.  The moon is in Scorpio this whole time too.  Scorpio can go so dark.  This might be good energy for digging deep into something. Something complicated but worth the effort, like Astrology, or the history of royal inbreeding-Scorpio loves a conspiracy. Has a knack for sniffing out the lies.  Oh the lies.  If there is work to do- do it now, face the things your pretend don’t bother you all the time. Whatever that may be.

Sunday August 23, 2015 The Sun will move to Virgo at 3:38 am PST. You will feel this shift.  Earth and Water signs will enjoy this energy but Air and Fire, not so much. Virgo is a grounded organized helpful energy.  Almost everyone I have ever lived with has had a Virgo moon.  First my dad, then three of my boyfriends, and my long time best friend room mate too.  Now my lovely hubby also has a Virgo Moon.   Even my most beloved Dog had a Virgo moon.  So I consider myself a bit of an expert on this energy. And I wouldn’t live without them apparently Virgo can see what is wrong when no one else can. All the finer details in life that are often essential are noticed and attended to in Virgo. Virgo notices and sorts out how to save time and money.

More on the Virgo Sun next week. For this week go with the flow and follow your joy.  Just don’t be dumb and make bad choice mid week.  Enjoy the last week of Leo for 2015.  Such a wonderful time of year. Many Blessings of Happiness and Health.

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