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October 19-25, 2015 The Sun enters Scorpio on Friday. This is a significant shift after travelling through sophisticated charmer Libra for the last month. Scorpio ain’t no joke. Nothing superficial will suffice this next month.  If you refuse to go deep life has a way of taking you there anyway.  Why not go willingly? Generous Jupiter and sweet Venus are conspiring to land you a lucrative opportunity by weeks end.  Clear the slate.


Our last week in what should be peaceful Libra is still weighty. Thursday soul seeking Pluto is in square to clever Mercury. Energies squared force growth. Especially when we are resistant to it. Air clearing conversations are happening whether we like them or not.  Go ahead and try it. Be vulnerable and share your feelings – it could be just the magic you need to fix something broken.  And if not, you had nothing to lose anyway.  Be open to hearing what others need to say too. Build bridges not walls.


Friday October 23, 2015 The Libra Sun passes the baton to Scorpio for the next month.  Your mind will be drawn to what is hidden.  You can see behind the curtain. Or in the very least you will sense that there is something behind the curtain, something you need to know.   


Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion, the serpent or the eagle.  Often the mythical Phoenix is used to describe Scorpio.  There is an urge to transform, to rise from the difficult situations and triumph.  The Scorpio can shock us with the critical sting of truth, or tempt us to sample the forbidden side of life, to travel down the road of stigma and taboo.


But what Scorpio is really good at is, turning it all around.  Rags to Riches, death to rebirth. Is there an area in your life that needs a dramatic transformation? What areas of your life need some deep and real healing?  Now is your chance. . . Again.


Sunday is a big day! Charming Venus is sliding in for a hug with benevolent big thinking Jupiter right before mental Mercury opposes electric changemaker Uranus. A sizzling mix for magic.


Breathe deep and think your very biggest.  Swift and impressive change can happen out of the blue.  How can you help humanity or even your community? What self supportive habits would help you live a better life?


Jupiter and Venus are in Virgo so your plans to improve the Virgo areas of your life are more than supported. Do you need to write? Is there something you need to drop from your diet?   What routines can you add to your life that will bolster your health and mental well-being?  How can you profit from improvement? How can you be of service?


Whatever out of the ordinary ideas arrive in your mind now might just be the break you have been waiting for.  Seek the strange.  Head off the beaten path.  The answers to the questions you have asked are out of the ordinary.  Extraordinary.  A Channeled reading perhaps?  A medical intuitive?  Craniosacral therapy?  A Shaman? Healing is attainable in unusual ways. As it has always been.

This week is meant to settle you into the deep. Strap on your night vision goggles and start solving mysteries. Obstacles lose their heft when you shine some of that bright light of yours in their direction.  Use this time to be who you are down to the very roots of every lifetime you have lived.  We are leveling up!  Be bold, Love. Be Love!

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