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July 20-26, 2014 the Sun and communicator Mercury move from sensitive Cancer to fun love Leo. Venus gets focused on the flaws in Virgo and begins a six-week retrograde . The past might be making an appearance in the form of old relationships that need revisiting. Our relationship with technology can get complicated with Uranus stopping forward motion in Aries.  Slow down, unplug.  Keep your feet on the ground and your hand on your heart-trust your instincts and delay serious commitments until the beginning of September.
Venus just moved from fancy pants Leo into what about the details Virgo. Now you can see what works. Virgo revels in creating order.  Count yourself lucky if you have Virgo in your life.  They can see what you don’t and can be counted on to let you know in a matter of fact way. Any effort towards your health will make you feel valuable.  And you are valuable so make the effort.  Take time for yourself- Be your own good parent. Venus will retrograde from the 25th and enter back into Leo on the 31st – There might be some theatrics. But what is life without a good story to tell? Welcome the drama-come from the heart.
The Sun and communicator Mercury will be in Leo from Wednesday the 22nd of July. The Sun is  its home territory of Leo. Things lighten up.  You don’t have to work so hard. Now is the time to not take life so seriously.  Be a little lazy-  lounge around.  Treat yourself to the finer things. Celebrate being here. Being alive.  Life can be so exhausting and now is your chance to replenish.  Do what is fun for you. Connect with children.  Clap and hum and dance and drum. Have fun! Show the world how much space and freedom you deserve. Shine your own Unique self brightly now. You will be well-received. The world needs your contribution so relax and give yourself what you need to be happy. Happy is as Happy does.
Saturday the 25th PST is a Square between  Uranus in Aries and  Fiery Mars in Cancer.  That’s a lot of fire electricity and water disagreeing with each other. Things might explode- don’t play with fire crackers or accidentally start a forest fire. That goes for your relationships too.  A lot of selfish bossy energy is at odds in the cosmos.
Stay away from any sort of alteration of reality- Ware grounding stones like jasper or hematite. To utilize more great hippie solutions, where patchouli or cedarwood. Forewarned is forearmed. This is the kind of energy that creates the sudden end of relationships that need to go. But it might not go peacefully.  There could be lost tempers and tantrums.  So keep your cool right when it seems and impossible task and you should breeze through this.  Expect the unexpected stay away from dangerous situations- like back country camping when there as been bear siting. That should be easy.
Another busy week of shifts and change.  Keep reaching up.  Keep beaming the good stuff and enjoy the blessings of all you do coming back to most deserving you.

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