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November 2-8, 2015 This week action planet Mars and Peace seeking Venus fuse energy in natural healer Virgo. Practical action in the name of love and healing is on the agenda. Virgo’s superpower is to  see the flaws in any situation-Mars needs to make a move and Venus wants peace. Now is the time to make a move to better your life in some fundamental way. Action makes magic happen. What move can you make?

This is the last week that Mars and Venus spend in Virgo. Which they both probably feel thankful for.  Virgo is too knit picky and conscientious for Mars who prefers action to thinking.  And Venus loves to indulge in all things pleasurable.  Neither of these planets can act that naturally in Virgo. But there is a purpose for everything.  And I love Virgo for the very reason I also find it annoying.  It sees what needs fixing.  It also has a special knack for finding unconventional ways to heal.  Natural remedies, energy healing, yoga, crystals, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.  Now would be the week to implement new healing regimes. Your intuition about what you or others need to become healthy and whole again will be bang on.

Thursday is a busy day in the cosmos with transformative Pluto and the Sun in a supportive connection to each other.  Getting to the bottom of things is very possible now. What holds you back? Why do you resist?  It may be a wound from your childhood that you just can’t put a finger on.  A rejection, or humiliation that was too painful to remember.  We can be so fragile. We are fragile.  So if you put yourself out there and were ignored or rejected you might have decided it was too painful to bother trying again.  Now you can get to the roots of things. Pull them out. Throw them in the compost and move forward. Just keep your dreams close and only show them to those who have proven supportive.  We are each here with a dream to realize.  Don’t let yours die.

Friday Mercury trines Neptune.  Let the beautiful thoughts arrive. When spiritual Neptune and communicator meet you might just have some beautiful revelations. Inspired words and thoughts are coming in for a landing.  Capture that magical brilliance in whatever way you can.  You don’t want those ideas to slip away.  Poetry, dance, art, film, are all wonderful healthy ways to ground Neptunian energies in reality.

Saturday the moon will connect with both Venus and Mars. Amplifying the energy of all of them. More inspiring ideas or solutions can arrive now.  It should be a most peaceful and productive day.  You can get things that matter done in wonderful ways. Don’t zone out.  Jump on this wave of harmonious energy.

Sunday the week ends with Venus moving in to Libra- Venus is the ruler of Libra.  What a relief for fair Venus. Now you can feel the serious business lift. Pleasure and connections with others in a light and lovely way is possible. Meetings that happen with Venus in Libra are often built to last in a prosperous loving kind of way.  Get out and mingle. More on Venus and Mars in Libra next week. This is a pretty lovely week to be you.  Reach out. You won’t regret it. There is Love all around.

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