Hillory Skott

February 1-7, 2016 Welcome to February. There is support from the cosmos this week- Wednesday you can get important plans in place. Deep clarity is trying to arrive in your mind.  Change is the only way you can get from where you are to the life you dream of. Take aim. Now is the time.

Wednesday PST Mars is connecting to Pluto driving you forward with decisive action. The Sun and Saturn are in a wonderful connection helping you feel clear and purposeful.  Being you is the most important factor on your true happiness. Pluto makes sure we are on track with our Souls goals for current lifetime. Follow your impulses, but always keep in mind the greater good of everyone involved.  Thankfully, it usually works out for everyone when you do choose what is best for you.

Saturn is also here to support you in making progress. Longterm kind of progress.  Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are all in Capricorn at weeks end too.  This means Capricorns magical powers to climb to great heights are available for us all to tap into.  Is there a routine that would support your advancement?  Where do you need to call on a little discipline? You must have dreams, dust those babies off. They really are your babies- and you are the only one that can birth them.  They say it is only what you don’t do that you end up regretting.   

Pluto is the king of the castle on Friday. See how that works in your world. Astrology is about observation. Be in a constant state of observation on Friday. Pluto is all about our Souls evolution.  Fused as it is with Venus you should get a glimpse into what and who you truly Value. You will see where you need boundaries. Or where you need to remove them. It is a day of important energy- important choices. Write this all down. Or otherwise record your revelations.

By Saturday you will be itching to take action on something that may have occurred to you on Friday. Liberator Uranus isn’t so sure about all that responsibility though.  Saturn wants you to be realistic and consequence oriented. But Uranus wants you to jump.  Be careful you don’t act against your own best interest in a moment of rebellion.  We are complicated creatures, some of us more than others.  Be thoughtful.  

The same Jupiter is in a lucky trine with Mercury. Jupiter likes it real.  So real it’s rude a lot of the time. But you gotta love the truth tellers.  They will be real with you. In authenticity we can trust. Honest conversation should keep any complications on the table- Open dialogue we can also trust.

The week ends with Venus and Mars in a Sextile. Fuel for all this energy we have . venus seeks beauty and Mars drives us to get some.  Without Mars we might all sit around and do nothing, get nowhere and then die.  No lust for life without Mars in the house.   And in the house it is.

Important stuff is swirling into reality this week. Drive the boat.  But first make sure you have a course set.  Make plans and follow through one step at a time.  Now you will be a stellar way seer. Follow your heart!


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