Hillory Skott
November 14-20, 2016 Monday is the Super Duper full moon in seriously stubborn Taurus. Taurus energy stays the course, it stabilizes with dependable routines. What you begin or release under the energy of this full moon will have staying power. By the weekend Mystical Neptune will go direct again. Our perceptions are clearing- the way forward is coming into focus. Go. This new world you are creating for yourself won’t disappoint. 
This Taurus moon is called a Super moon because of how close it is to the Earth. It has not been this close since 1948, and won’t be this close again until 2034.  It adds extra force to the energy of this full moon in Taurus.  Our values and resources are coming into focus. We now need to communicate what things mean to us.  Our ability to stick to it is heightened now.
Do what you need to do to nourish yourself now. Roasted root veggies, apple crisp, stews and all things deeply warming and nourishing will create a sense of safety and comfort. Now you are building a solid foundation. You can see clearly what routines to initiate.  Taurus loves routine- it is a master of methods.
Set your goals down on paper.  Create a clear plan of action now and by May of next year you should be see the fruits of the efforts you choose for yourself now. What do you want to accomplish? What are the steps  needed to accomplish these goals? How many  hours a week will you dedicate to the achievement of your dreams?  What are you willing to sacrifice for this goal? time, money, energy, relationships?
The more detail the better. You planning ability should be topnotch now. You have a very real sense of what it takes to make things happen.
Buy Friday you will feel pressure to be clear. Or the pressure of not feeling clear at all.  Neptune is stopping to turn around after back tracking since June.  Saturday it will start moving forward again. You will sense this major shift in the cosmos. Neptune tunes us in to the Universal soup.  You may find you are even more sensitive, and you thought it wasn’t possible. We need to be tuned in to navigate the world we live in. Our senses can be relied upon, even if they seem to be perceiving all things crazy.  If you can see what’s happening you can make informed choices.  Your intuition is on high.  Work with it. Honor it.
This is the week to solemnly swear.  Pledge an oath to yourself and get it done.  The fog is lifting, exactly what to do next is coming into view. Make your game plan and stick with it.  Ask the powers that be to assist you with your will power if you seem to be lacking it. Sometimes it’s just our own stubborn attachment to the old that keeps us rebelling against what we need to do to bring in an amazing new future. Call it in and be willing to go the distance. Magic happens when we focus on the goal.  Make some big Magic.
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