Hillory Skott

October 26-November 1, 2015- Tuesday the Super Moon is full in earthy same stayer Taurus. Full Moon’s light up the darkness within us. The sun in Scorpio opposite this full moon is asking, “what stops you?” What are you turning your back on?  In what way is your head in the sand?  Taurus may go to great lengths to avoid emotional disruptions, but Scorpio needs you to know how it feels. This full moon  can free up so much energy in all of us.  Open Up dear, it is time to get clear.

There is a lovely connection to dreamy Neptune during this full moon.  This adds some magic to the mix.  Neptune is sensitive and inclusive. Neptune can heal the Soul, connect you to all that is more than we can see.  It sees the Divine plan- ask and you shall receive. What questions do you have for the Universe? What parts of yourself need healing? Where does it hurt?

With so many planets in Virgo healing is available in profound and thorough ways. Venus asks us to clean up our connections to what we value. Mars is providing the driving force for this. And Jupiter is beaming some luck in our direction. Look for auspicious coincidence. You can see what needs releasing, what needs renewing and what needs to be created to bring your grounded on earth self in line with your boundless spirit.  Virgo energy can fix anything, and all these planets are travelling through Virgo.

Full Moons are a wonderful time to release what is no longer needed in your life.  The Moon in Taurus is more into hanging on than letting go- but with the Scorpio Sun shining brightly on this full full moon you can’t help but see what needs to go.  Take time to slow down and go within on Tuesday.  Get in touch with all things sensual and slow moving.  Pamper yourself with nourishing soups and stews.  Hot baths with essential oils. Patchouli is grounding, Lavender is relaxing, but use what you are drawn too. Come into your body so you can see what stops you from coming into your body. Thenlet it go.  Let the pain of the past swirl down the drain when you let the water out of that lovely bath you just steeped yourself in. Magic happens when we intend it to.

November first Mercury will shift from detailed Virgo to balance seeking Libra-  How nice for us.  Our minds can lift up from all the details and instead focus on peace, love and harmony. What we focus on grows. And after this weeks full moon you should be clear and ready to move in the direction of all that brings Love and beauty into your life. “May beauty be before you, May beauty be behind you, May beauty be all around you.”  Much Love.


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