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May 18-24, 2013 Starts with the fertile energy of the earthy Taurus New moon. What you plant now will bloom. Tricky Mercury is back sliding until mid June, reminding us how truly important all the details really are. All this in its own sign of Gemini which the Sun moves into this week too. The pace is picking up. Peace loving Venus in Cancer is opposing mighty little Pluto in climb that mountain Capricorn. The truth is coming home to roost. You are being called to do the work, whatever that means to you. Lean into responsibility and this weeks trying Sun Saturn opposition will be positive and productive, rather than rigid and restrictive.

The first 48 hours after the new moon are the most potent for successful beginnings. Get clear now, about what you want to accomplish. What do you want to bring into your life? What are you willing to work for?

The earthy energy is turning very airy this week. The Sun skips to curious Gemini from satisfied Taurus. The mind is alive, receptive and even deceptive at times, being as busy as it is. Gemini likes to play and poke its nose into all sorts of things- some less forward moving than others. If you have something to communicate or organize in a positive way, this energy is of benefit. The gift of charm and wit are available to all of us now. Write, speak, be funny and clever, be curious. If you can harness a bit of discipline you will be unstoppable. State your case, make you claim.

Venus and Pluto are at odds Thursday PST. Part of you wants to turtle, a very strong and convincing part. An equally strong part of you wants you to leave that safe little shell of yours and work your ass off for something you really want. Perhaps it’s time to face the facts. What do you dream for yourself? Does it match up with the game plan of your partner? You’ll accomplish more with a heart to heart that addresses the big questions. Head must come out of sand. Always think win/win when dealing with Pluto: thoughtless selfishness is usually met with resistance. Life will teach us what we need to know. Questions about work and home life come up. Time tointend on balance.

Saturn really is being felt this week. Saturn likes us to work. To be responsible and serious and grown up. Saturn is right, we really need to be all these things to live a healthy happy life. When we are stable and secure our inner creative can come out to play. The child in us all needs to know that things are taken care of. The bills are paid, life is safe. When we take responsibility for living a happy life our inner child can rest easy and create more joy for us.

If we are reluctant to step up to the plate usually life gets burdensome, Saturn is kind a dark when out of balance. Channel the energy properly and you get a great deal of real world work accomplished: paint the deck, put together the portfolio, move. Avoidance is not a longterm solution (in most cases).

All this and Mercury is going retrograde too. The past is likely to revisit you now. It’s your chance to renew and redo. If you have an old project or friendship the still deserves the effort, make it. This interruption in the normal pace of things is a chance to be sure. Things are never as they seem in Mercury retrograde, which is why you should avoid contracts and buying anything to do with the realm that Mercury rules. Which is everything to do with communications, thinking, connecting, and being mobile. Take a step back from life so you can see more clearly. Mid June we can all move sure footedly forward.

There is a lot of different energies to cope with this week. It is so very important and really simple to ground yourself everyday. Put your feet on the earth,dig in the dirt. The earth provides us the nurturing support we need to be strong healthy productive people. Do your part and take care of yourself with real food, simple foods like seeds and nuts are so simple. Eat apples. The Earth really is providing everything we need. You’ll rest more peacefully when you come to understand how truly supported you have always been. Namaste

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