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butterfly-spirit-mandala2May 19-25, 2014 Mars finally gets moving forward in peace loving Libra and the Sun skips into curious Gemini.  The Shift in energy will be noticeable  You are charged up and ready to take action. Make your plans clear, all this back and forth over the last couple months has caused an energetic impasse You are a powerful co-creator. Use your magical powers of focus, feeling, and imagination to create the most prosperous life you can imagine for yourself.

On Monday May 19, 2014 Mars make its move forward.  Yipee.  It is travelling through Libra. Lovely Libra.  It’s been backtracking there since March and when planets retrograde they say their energy is turned inward. But Mars feels best moving forward and Libra is too wishy washy for Mars to meet it’s fast acting potential.  Now though, it should pick up the pace of things and helping you become certain and decisive.

In July, when Mars finally shifts from its unusually long stay in Libra it will be moving into penetrating Scorpio. You will get clear on things that have been uncertain for months. Scorpio is decisive in an all or nothing off with the head kind of way. Use the next couple of months to see all sides of the story so when it comes time to make the choice you will be confident that you have done the groundwork. There is potential for things to develop very quickly soon  Reminder yourself: You are poised and receptive to your good fortune. Remember you are Powerful.

The Sun, one of my favorite planets, certainly the most well known next to that beautiful moon of ours, is moving into Gemini on Tuesday the 20th pst- Yay!  Witty banter is super fun with the gemini energy.  Visits and little trips and getting out in the world is such a joy when the sun is in Gemini.  If you have writing or speaking that needs doing, take notes.  A recorder might be a great way to capture your brilliance with the least effort.  The focus of Gemini is not the most laser like its more butterfly-esque.

The spring is magnificent there is so much growth so mind bogglingly fast-I could just stay in one spot and marvel at the things effortlessly coming into being for days.  Spring makes growing look like a breeze.  The Gemini sun gives us the energy  to garden and hang laundry on clothes lines and clean closets and drawers and meet funny friends for brunch and a little non-dysfunctional day drinking.   Life is busy and full and fantastic with Gemini. No dull moments.


While you are adapting to the Sun and Mars shifting generous Jupiter and wise Saturn connect in a trine, a triangle aspect of ease and contentment. Any effort will be rewarded.  Now you can stick with it and see clearly what steps to take to arrive at the future you choose.  Write this down! We are not always this clear headed so be sure to capture hopes and wishes in words.  Words are the first step towards manifesting.

A wonderful way to get in touch with your true hearts desire is to write a letter as your future self, to your present self. Give yourself advice, explain how fortunate and grateful you are for the amazing life you have managed to create.  Give details about the home you have, the kind of work you are doing, the relationships in your life.  Make it as real as possible. You can make the letter twenty years in the future or ten.  Five is the most challenging, but in many ways the most important.

What does your wise future self want you to know?  You’ll be happy you took the time to write this letter, magic happens when you call upon your wisest self for guidance. Enjoy the newness this week.  Change is so reliable, embrace it!

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