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October 24 -30 2017 The Sun is now in transformative Scorpio. It will slide up next to abundant Jupiter in Scorpio this week giving us depth of purpose and clarity of intention. The darkness is brought to light. Which is good for finally healing things which have been difficult to get at, or over.

The Sun in Scorpio helps us to look a little deeper into things. How might you be sabotaging yourself? How has your childhood affected you? How do you use your sexual/creative energy? What relationships might be hindering your progress? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to grieve? Do you know how to set boundaries.

If there is something you need to get to the bottom of? Now is the time. Oh what fun it will be. Because Scorpio is never having more fun than when in the middle of some intense search for deeper meaning. The surface is for sissies. Dive deep to access your courage and power. You can not change what you do not acknowledge.

Mars has moved into Libra where it is not quite feeling its self.It will be there until December. Libra is wonderful at being considerate. Aries is Libras opposite and ruled by Mars. Mars wants to go. To conquer. Action is life. Libra makes Mars think twice. Which Mars finds irritating.

With Mars In Libra you may find yourself with a new enthusiasm for all that is beautiful. Peace and harmony seem important now.  When it comes to deciding you may be challenged by seeing all the sides to things. Choice is tricky.  Trust that you have good taste. Karma is Just. Balance is sought.

Tuesday Mercury in Scorpio will be helpfully trine with Neptune in Pisces.   Neptune can confuse things and leave you fuzzy.  But it can also dazzle you with perfection. Helps you to transcend.  Connected to Mercury in deep digging Scorpio I believe some most fantastic ideas, thoughts, communications can be had: Inspiration. Direct contact. Inner Knowing. Spiritual solutions. Perhaps you can access the root of your confusion. Perhaps you will clearly see your patterns of sabotage.  Make art. Dance. Sing. Express.

Thursday, the Sun will hook up with Jupiter, fusing energies in Scorpio. Woah.  I like to be optimistic because being pessimistic sets you up for a shit life. I’ve seen it.  Lots can come to light right now.  But when it does you will feel a burden lifted.  Jupiter is honest as honest can be and frequently offends people. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

I think it would be a mighty fine idea to use this energy to liberate yourself from untruthful situations by being truthful.  I so often hold back, try to read the signals, try to guess what this behaviour means, or that lack of response signifies. I want clarity.  Hate hate hate (strong word I know) emotional ambiguity. Makes me nuts. But I have felt my quest for the truth is often met in ways I wish it wasn’t. Does being truthful mean people will leave? Ignore you? Shut you out?  It may. It has for me. And I remind myself of this – “ For some people you will be to much- these are not your people”

Truth will clear the slate- align your support system, open space for what is right. Friday Power seeking Pluto is at cross purposes with Venus.  Pluto and Venus are different creatures entirely.  Venus wants it sweet. Pluto wants to find out what the demons are feeding on. A hallmark movie and a dark twisted drama.  Friday may stretch you.  How wonderful it is to be flexible. Stetch . With Mercury connecting helpfully to pluto later in the day- expect to come to a true understanding.

Take action this week. At least plan to take action.  There is much potential to overcome. To rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of the past.  Maybe you still need to light that past on fire. Watch it burn.  Then rise. Wishing you many moments of clarity and so much understanding.

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