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for best results- go with the flow

for best results- go with the flow

February 17-23, 2014 the Sun will shift into daydreaming Pisces providing an otherworldly glow around all your thoughts and impressions for the next month.  The Sun is going to share space with Pisces ruler, Neptune, as well this week. Energy may be illusive. Lay low and allow yourself visions of splendor and joy, while you treat your inner-child to some Love and attention.

Tuesday at ten am PST, the sun makes its shift to Pisces.  Pisces is  a sensitive energy, a sleepy, slippery sort of energy.  It is through it’s watery ruler Neptune that we are able to tune into the unseen realms.  This is where we feel deeply.  We understand that humanity is truly one and feel compassion for the underdog and suffer when others suffer. Where Pluto might display the grisly sides of humanity while it makes its transit- Neptune shows us beauty and love- through Neptune we inherently know what it means to work with light.

The real world is harsh for the sensitive Pisces Soul. There is danger of a deep desire to escape reality.   You might be able to clearly connect with your life long spirit guide you could also be drawn to drink and drugs- or TV.  Something to take the edge of all the things wrong with the world. Artist of all kinds often have a strong Neptune. The Movie industry is a Neptunian machine where nothing is as it seems.

Your imagination is vivid now with extra sensitivity to music and beauty.  You may be picking up all kinds of information  off people. Your psychic ability is strong now.  Be careful to shield yourself from harsh people and circumstances- You may want to hide from the limiting realities of obligation and  schedules. If you can arrange some down time to pamper the little you inside, do it- guilt free.

What can be mined from the depth of your psyche now could be nothing short of priceless.  Frequent naps may be necessary.  Stop whatever you are doing the moment fatigue sets in and lie down-with a pillow beneath your knees and some beloved meditations or music. You will stay strong and healthy if you honor your needs as they arise. Too often we push ourselves and ignore inner impulses to rest.  This month rest will pay big dividends.  Rather than stress and illness you might just tap into contentment and gratitude- perhaps see ways to save the planet and offer your special skills to the world. Listen for the beauty, look for the beauty, smell beauty, feel the beauty all around you-We are in a magical time and space.

We are in the last bit of winter here in the northern hemisphere. Enjoy the dreamy energy.  Guard against escapism but strive to build the world of your dreams- Your imagination holds the keys to your heart’s desire. Spend this next month letting your inner visionary have free reign.  Capture your impressions in art of any kind. Don’t fight fatigue, settle in and relax, all good things are within your reach. Open to receive.

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