Hillory Skott
June 19-25, 2017-The Summer Solstice and the New Moon in Cancer are happening this week. The Summer Solstice is one of the four power points of the year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The Solstice and the Equinox remind us that nature is cyclic ,darkis followed by light then dark, then light.
During this Solstice we celebrate the life giving light of the Sun. The Solstice marks the middle of the year. Are you on track? Now it is time to assess your progress. Use this light filled day to seek truth and clear awareness.
We slide full swing into summer in the North and winter in the South at 9:24 pm PST on June 20th. You can look to the season ahead from the chart of the Solstice. This day has many supportive aspects between many planets. We are going to be super busy, but in a highly productive way. Not just busy for busies sake. Like it can be when the Sun is in Gemini.
It’s likely that you can feel the movement all around you. The Summer Solstice is a wonderful time of year to hit a personal reset button. Carefully consider what has been holding you back from your own fulfillment. Bravely release crutches that hinder you. Make commitments and you will be buffered with amazing follow through. Use your mind and your heart to create Joy and Peace.
Honor the changing of the Season with the urge to fluff up your nest and get cozy. When the Sun moves into Cancer sticking close to home and making family a priority comes naturally to us. Channel your energy into your actual home, or finding the perfect home. Much satisfaction can come from these sorts of endeavors.
The new moon is in Cancer on Friday at 7:21 pm PST.  The Cancerian energy is very strong now. New moons help us set our intentions and anchor new goals and choices into reality. Any issues relating to mothering or nurturing can be laid to rest and healed once and for all now if you so choose. Please do choose.
With the rate of change and evolution now we can easily release what hinders us once and for all. Our relationship with our mother is always important- whether it’s good or bad. Take a look in the areas of home and family now as well. How can you improve upon these areas of your life? Family dynamics can shift and adjust for the better now.
The Solstice on Tuesday and on the new moon on Friday be sure to set your intentions for the three months to come.  Change is moving fast now. We can harness this power with simple intent. Carefully choose the direction you would like to head. Make a plan. Visualize your preferred outcome everyday. Everyday in everyway things are getting better and better. Namaste
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