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March 17-23, 2014 is the true new beginning of the year. The Spring Equinox is the first day of the Astrological new year. Now is the time to plant the seeds. Set your intentions carefully. In the next three months you will be blessed with much energy to change your world. Take stock of your life this week. What would you love to see happen this year? How do you wish your life to change?

The week starts off with Mercury moving into Pisces our thoughts become hard to define. Mercury is a quick and clear energy and Pisces is vague and intangible. This is really the last of the swimming sleeping energy we have been floating around in so try and enjoy this state of diffuse energy. Stare into space. Float on your back. Important information is coming together on the other side of your consciousness. This work should be honored for best results. Consider drowsiness or confusion a sign from your higher self to retreat into stillness. Pull in your energy, rest to rejuvenate.

Thursday the Sun makes its move into Aries , the Equinox is at 9:57 am PST, expect some serious forward movement. You can get a real sense of what you truly want and have the courage to reach for it. Take time to purge yourself of the old. A spring cleaning will help clear the energy in your life. Get rid of stuff you have always held on to for extra indication, a signal to the Universe, that you are ready for the new. Open windows, burn incense or sage. Play beautiful, inspiring, triumphant music to send away the stale winter energy.

The Equinox is a great day to start a cleanse of some kind. Big changes are well supported now, do what you know you need to do. Do it with confidence and commitment. My favorite Equinox activity is making a collage, or a vision board. Find some magazines and clip photos, or even draw or write out your ideas. This should represent what you intend to create in your life this year. I have done this for eight years. It amazes me that nothing on these little artworks of mine has grown out-dated. So many little details on my vision boards have come true that I get excited thinking about what will manifest next. And, inspired to think even bigger, idealize even more. Needless to say, vision boards are worth the effort. The focus and creativity used to make them help aim your power to create in a tangible direction.

Do take time to be still today-write a note to yourself about your progress and how you can enlarge your world. What does the world need from you? Offer your perspective, your kindness, your energy and attention and see what comes back to you. Now is the time to start. The light of day now begins to outshine the darkness. Now real progress will be made. Don’t underestimate your power to live the life of your dreams. You have come here to be all you can be. Go forth and prosper on all levels this spring. Remember, “You are neither weak nor incapable. You are the source of unlimited power. This is the supreme reality. Understanding this truth is the goal of life.” Amma

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