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Monday March 20, 2017- The Spring Equinox- The real new Year! What will you intend for this new year? Plant the seeds – It’s go time.

It really makes no sense, from a tuned in perspective,to try and start a new year as winter begins, It’s a time of retreat. Our instinct is to hunker down and survive, Right when we are making resolutions on January first we have no real resolve. Makes you wonder who is deciding all this arbitrary stuff for us.

Now is the new year- when the Sun moves into the first sign of the Zodiac,  The Natural born leader Aries- Me first!  That is the kind of energy we need when we are getting new stuff off the ground.

Saturn is joined with the moon on this day in Sagittarius – I think this adds something important to the energy we need to get from now to the Solstice on June 20th.

There is an honesty to Sagittarius energy- and a very simple sense of knowing what is right for them.  If a Sagittarius is sure about something, they will believe themselves above all others.  This is serious intuition in action.  Luckily it is a noble benevolent energy too.

Saturn here with the moon imprints the next three months with a certainty of purpose.  A knowing of what to do next and why.  It has to do with building new foundations that create freedom.  Freedom is our birthright.

So get going on what you  know you need to do next. You have the energy of courage, integrity, discipline and wisdom at your disposal now. Call in Focus!  Intend to move to the next level.

The first thursday of the new year, March 23, has a square off  between some important energies,  Ever evolving Pluto is being pushed by flighty Mercury.  Pluto is serious business. Mercury in Aries wants to leap before looking,  to speak without consequence, indulge without moderation and generally jump into whatever with zero in the forethought department.

Pluto says no way José- we need a plan.  We need to know why, how and what will become of it.  Pluto in Capricorn is doing some serious evolution work right now.  Clearing the old traditions while creating new ones.

We can’t agree to hardly anything about how the old world was run- We are actively choosing a new Loving, Abundant, Healthful Universe! For all to thrive in. Serious business Says Pluto.

Where are these two playing out for you?  They are in all our charts somewhere- pretty big energy we will all feel.

Friday Mercury and Jupiter are vying for your attention.  Jupiter wants to think of high ideals and wants to keep things fair,  Aries just wants  things its own brilliant way.  Could be a showdown. Always consider the greater good of all for best results.

Saturday, the 25th, the Sun and Venus slid side by side- This is some seriously vital energy.  Standing in your truth should be easy this day. The leader in you will naturally rise.  Nothing Like all this Aries energy to initiate great big changes in new directions.  You got what it takes – Courage is yours.

Sunday the 26th  Shimmery Neptune joins the moon in Pisces.  And clever Mercury joins staunch individualist Uranus- Things are not clear but they are vivid.  Your own originality is rising of its own accord.

Drop the self doubt. It’s the only thing holding you back. This is the day to get out of your own way- in fact it would take some serious repression to stop yourself at this point.  Don’t do that, choose life. What a glorious time it is to be alive- Tune in, level up. In light and love

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