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February 11th, 2015

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Scorpio in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Scorpio is the most complex, mysterious sign in the zodiac. Pluto, planet of deep transformation, and Mars, the action planet, both rule Scorpio. Scorpio has penetrating insight, there is a talent for seeing what others are trying to hide. They are born with an awareness of the more difficult aspects of life; in life or death situations it would be a Scorpio that you would want by your side, they could be a midwife, or a hospice worker. There is strength and an air of knowing that surrounds Scorpios and this calms people. Scorpio is deeply emotional and sensitive to what surrounds them. This creates a highly discerning character. When Scorpio sets its sights on something very little can stand in the way. Their full spectrum emotions get behind their laser beam ability to focus. This Intensity is part of the immense power of Scorpio. Depth is never lacking when you relate to Scorpio.


Scorpio can be distrustful. This makes it difficult for them to let anyone close to them. Usually this trait occurs because of some childhood betrayal from the ones you are supposed to be able to trust. But it can cause real issues with intimacy and control. It is the Scorpio mate who needs to know where you are every minute. Scorpio has no problem invading the privacy of others, the more they find out the more they can relax. But it’s likely that you know very little about them. It can take years for them to reveal their true selves, even then, there will be a secret or two- probably something shocking. If you betray a Scorpio there is no going back. Once crossed the little trust they had is lost forever. Trust takes a lifetime to build, but seconds to destroy. There is no grey area for Scorpio when they reach the end of their rope it’s off with your head.


It’s been said that you’ve never been truly loved until you’ve been loved by a Scorpio. They will throw their entire selves into their relationships. They are passionate and highly sexual. If they should happen to slip into a bout of doubt they can turn icy and distant, or cutting and mean. When they lash out it usually stings, the scorpion is the symbol for Scorpio for a reason. Scorpio is deeply loyal and protective of their loved ones. When they commit it is always with the long-term in mind. No union is entered into lightly. Scorpio is happiest with a sensitive loyal mate. Someone who wants to stay close to home. They have very little tolerance for the superficial as life is serious business to Scorpio. Long conversations revealing the deep dark depths of things satisfy the Scorpio Soul. Loving and being loved by a Scorpio is an all encompassing experience, an intense blessing indeed.


There are no secrets between these two who need their secrets. With two evolved Scorpios, the kind that have totally transformed themselves, this could be a deep, healing and magical union. If the dark side is stronger watch for passion and intrigue, power struggles and arguments. Shared values create a sense of true love and belonging between these two. A totally absorbing lifelong union is entirely possible with this intense mix.

Scorpio Compatability

The Aries Scorpio relationship is all passion. Fun for a moment but soon enough Scorpio will find reasons to be jealous wanting to totally possess the object of desire. This just won’t work for Aries. Though the Scorpio loyalty and passion is hot on one level it is stifling on another. Aries will run and Scorpio will lose it. Aries loves to be out and about and Scorpio wants to hunker down in the fortress. Aries loves the drop buy, which makes Scorpio cringe inside. Such different temperaments makes life too dramatic for a healthy relationship. Find a different fish.

The Taurus Scorpio relationship is a case of opposites attract- this could be great if balance can be achieved. Taurus does not get the Scorpio need to dig up dirt all the time. Taurus is happy with the status quo. Sameness is soothing to a Taurus. Scorpio on the other hand, is on a mission to transform, they want to be all they can be. Taurus figures why fix what is not broken. They do both share a love of security and have a matching passion and natural jealousy. but this could just lead to brittle battles and a dramatic end.

The Gemini Scorpio relationship will be stimulating at first. Gemini will delight in Scorpios interest in her. He will know every detail about both sides of her personality. Gemini, on the other hand will find Scorpio secretive and closed off. Gemini expresses Scorpio withholds. Gemini loves the stimulation of social activity and Scorpio finds most people untrustworthy. One day Gemini will love how secure jealous Scorpio makes them feel. They next day the suspicion and tight leash will drive gemini away, the secrets will start, thus proving Scorpip right – people can’t be trusted. This pair will cause tempers to flare.

The Cancer Scorpio relationship could be all consuming and lifelong. These two water signs really get each other. Cancer find Scorpios jealous intensity comforting. Scorpio understand all the emotional realms Cancer travel through. Empathy is a boon for these two. There could be a shared paranoia of secrets, which is well founded as both play their cards close and both intuitively know when something is up. But mostly each naturally makes the other content. If these two are able to see themselves clearly long term comfort and love could come out of this loyal union. A shifty but harmonious relationship.

The Scorpio Leo relationship is filled with drama. Scorpios need to know every detail is fine, but his inability to share his own secrets cause frustration for Leo. The Scorpio intensity is appealing for a spell, but then it gets bothersome to lighthearted Leo. Scorpio is more dark than light shining Leo. Nothing but shadows comes from this pair. Both want control and neither likes to be controlled. Leo likes to feel at the center of Scorpios world. But Scorpios need to dredge things up really irritates Leo. Though heated arguments are likely a long-term relationship is not.

Virgo Scorpio may just work out. Both are highly analytical and insightful. Both are happy to stay close to home base. Both are loyal partners. Scorpio may be a little more intense than Virgo, OK a lot more intense. But Virgo can be intense too, just in different areas. Virgo is always worrying about health and Scorpio often has a preoccupation with death. These two will place top priority on health. Virgo may find Scorpios secretive side frustrating as they like everything on the table. Scorpio my find Virgos flaw finding too much. But Love will win in the end.

The Libra Scorpio relationship will likely be tumultuous. At first Libra will adore Scorpios intense passion and declarations of love. But soon enough all this love will start to feel like a stranglehold to Libra. The more Libra pulls away the tighter Scorpio will hold. Libra is too curious a creature to be so certain of this relationship. Scorpio likes finances to be secure and Libra likes to go with the flow. The odds are high Libra will look for a lighter hearted partner elsewhere and Scorpio will find this drama unforgivable. These two are serious trouble. Look elsewhere.

The Scorpio Scorpio relationship could go either way. Scorpio is a penetrating sign and can see right to the heart of any matter, behind the masks. There are no secrets between these two who need their secrets. With two evolved Scorpios, the kind that have totally transformed themselves, this could be a deep, healing and magical union. If the dark side is stronger, watch for: passion and intrigue, bitter power struggles and heated arguments. Maybe a house is burned down, or someone goes missing. This is extreme, but not outside the realm of possibility when Scorpio is in the picture.

The Sagittarius Scorpio could start off hot. Once past a few dates the basic differences in these two will start to swell up. Scorpio loves to question, digging into the deep dark depths of people. Sagittarius loves to share, truth is their battle cry. All is well until Sadge gets curious and Scorpio gets weird. Scorpio likes to know your secrets but you can’t know theirs. Sadge loves freedom to roam Scorpio prefers their loved ones on a tight leash. Scorpio is tight with money while Sadge does what they do when they do it. Strong characters but not compatible.

The Capricorn Scorpio has a need for secure finances in common, but that’s it unfortunately. Scorpio’s intensity will irritate cucumber cool Capricorn. Cap will feel the need to point out the error in Scorpios approach. Scorpio does not take outside council but likes to give it. Power struggles ensue. Scorpio likes control, so does Capricorn. Neither likes to be controlled.Scorpio wants passion and drama and Capricorn a cup of tea and sensible discussion. Both can admit a certain attraction to each other, but it’s likely to fade fast and end bitterly. A friendship is more likely with these two.

The Aquarius Scorpio relationship is unlikely to work, even friendship would be unlikely due to such totally different characters. Aquarius is detached and unfamiliar with emotional realms. Scorpio is driven by feelings and hunches. Unfamiliar with detached observation. Aquarius loves to mingle and is friendly and open. Scorpio is naturally distrustful, suspicious of everyone. These two will drive each other crazy in no time flat. Scorpio will soon see that Aquarius is that interested in everyone, not just them, and Aquarius will feel the Scorpio stranglehold and run faster than the speed of lightning. True love is not in sight.

The Pisces Scorpio relationship may just work. Both of signs are ruled by the mysterious realms of intuition and feeling sense. Hunches and intuition are often deciding factors for both of them. It could get sticky when Pisces seeks retreat and Scorpio feels control slipping. Pisces needs room to withdraw. Pisces habit of little white lies may cause concern for Scorpio, who will feel they must be lying to hide even bigger secrets. If both signs are positive this could be a supportive and content relationship. If not, dark drama and deception may arrive. True love is the deciding factor.

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