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November 9-16 2015 The Moon is New in Transformative Scorpio. Let the healing commence! In one fell swoop your world can change. It can be as simple as walking through a door. A single flash of insight can change your perspective, which can change your future; which can change your now. Make your intentions known with gratitude.  Magic happens, let it be!

On November 11, 2015 at 9:47 am PST the new moon is exact.  The new moon every month is our chance to reset our lives in some area.  It changes signs every month.  This month it is in intense Scorpio. Scorpio oh Scorpio how you delve in the deep dark depths, proving the worth of the unmentionable aspects of life.  Once you come back from a trip through Scorpio issues you are forever transformed: richer, deeper, stronger, wiser, more compassionate.

Issues of life and death, betrayal and abandonment, abuse and neglect, power and control, healing and transformation, sex and money. The Scorpio energy stirs the pot, ruffles the feathers, mentions the unmentionable.  Our painful stuff is likely surfacing in the last few days.  Emotions too difficult to entertain in the regular day to day can come up to be noticed and understood and ultimately healed under the domain of Pluto, Scorpios ruler.

I have a Scorpio moon and I realized the last few days how I have been super identified with my story. I was given up for adoption, which is associated with Scorpio: abandonment, rejection, etc. It left a deep feeling of unworthiness. I wasn’t good enough to keep, or engage with.

I like to tell myself how I would be more willing to put myself out there creatively if I wasn’t so afraid of rejection. It’s super painful to be rejected.  I would just rather stay safe then raise those old feelings from the dead.  But it occurred to me that it was just a story.  It was never true that I am not worth it.  It is just a story I tell myself. An excuse to stay the same.  But I have all these creative ideas that deserve to see the light of day, even if just to be rejected.  Not everyone is for everyone and that is OK.

It’s a wee little realization in the scheme of things, but man I feel free all of a sudden. And as my imaginary Dad, Wayne Dyer, reminds me in his wise and helpful book ” Excuses Begone: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits ” Excuses Begone!

In what ways are you letting your story be an excuse for not having the life you want?

This new moon only has supportive aspects.  Mercury is cozied up to the moon and sun in Scorpio.  Mercury, our thoughts and communications, is getting some super duper insight right now. If you change your thinking your whole life will change.  Mercury can see the way now thanks to Scorpio.

Lucky Jupiter is tied into this mix, amplifying the magical nature of this new moon. Luck is on our side. It is the first 48 hours after the new moon that is the most potent for setting intentions and beginning something new.

What have you been wanting to start?  Now that you can see how you have been holding yourself back, what you will you finally begin,what dream will you dust off?

What I really came to understand thanks to all this fabulous energy in the air, is that we are each here to learn to Love ourselves.  Not all of us had childhoods that make it easy.  But the harder it is to learn to Love your very own self the stronger you are. The more compassionate you can be. It wouldn’t be all that valuable if it weren’t worth a little effort right?

So, most importantly this new moon, make the effort to Love yourself.  You need to Love you.  Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and say it ” I Love You”.  Breath in Loving pink and purple light and let it circulate through your body, nourishing all your cells with Love.  Get a dog.  There is no Love like dog Love.  I wish each and every one of us allows that kind of Love into our lives. Let go of unloving situations, people and actions.  Let in the Love. Let Love Be!  Here is to a most magical New moon in Scorpio- Don’t miss this opportunity to soar like never before.

PS: Here is a free Mediation on Divine Love from my favorite being of Love and Light

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