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Earth Angels ArtMay 12-18,2014 The Moon is Full in Scorpio. Emotional release is required for successful transformation. This full moon wants you to shake it off- whatever it is that holds you back. If you are not that into changing – Yikes. Scorpio is a powerful feeler make sure the contents of your mind are creating what you do want rather than what you fear. Scorpio energy assists us in getting to the root of the problem. In this realm death, birth, power and vulnerability all reside. We face the dark and the dark brings us back to life fearless and new.This helps us end and begin again and again and again.

It takes great courage and a brave brave heart to be truthful about your feelings. But without recognition and acknowledgement of what you are feeling you can’t really heal it. Then, you get stuck in a painful repetitive loop, wondering why bad things can happen to good people. Life keeps on teaching you what you need to know until you learn it. This Scorpio full Moon is teaching you emotional honesty. It’s better out then in. Out with the old in with the new. Outing is good. Scary though. Be delicate with your truth telling if at all possible.

Serious Saturn is sitting right beside this Scorpio full moon in a connection of opportunity to bountiful Jupiter and deeply healing Chiron. We are going to make some lovely progress now. We can do the work we know we need to do to get where we want to go. Resistance will be recognized and side stepped. A mere nuisance with no power. While we are busy getting real we are also making new futures real. More highly evolved futures with harmony, abundance, Love and happiness stuffed into every day.

This is not a free ride though- Saturn expects us to put in the effort. Assert yourself and take full responsibility for absolutely every experience and circumstance you are having. This is how self-esteem and personal power are earned. Saturn can be cold and brittle if we don’t harness the strength it offers to teach us through discipline and sustainability.

Jupiter adds a lucky energy, like even though things can be difficult you know deep down things are morphing into something so much better. Chiron is helping us release the past and transform our pain into something more. Something helpful and empowering, rather than a hindrance we fear facing.

This Scorpio Full Moon gets that boat rocking and points out the elephants in the room. Nicey Nicey is a facade that Scorpio can see right through and barely tolerate.is Expect to feel more than normal as Scorpio is a water sign that feels the full spectrum of emotions. What we can feel we can heal. Saturn is going to stabilize us enough to face painful or difficult aspects of ourselves, life and others. We are going to emerge from this period fundamentally stronger. Our fears will have been faced and released. We are clearing out the closets and opening the windows. The fresh air is nice.

To make the most of this full moon use affirmations, or EFT , or both, to shift out of repetitive negative thinking grooves. The light sid

Earth Angels Art

e of Scorpio is the ability to feel. Full spectrum emotional sensitivity is possible. Our feelings propel our visions into reality so the power of Scorpio for total healing and transformation is second to none. You can rise from the ashes of the past now. Like a phoenix- in alignment with your true hearts desire and your authentic essence. Imagine that! again and again and again. And so it is

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