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web_aquariusAugust 4-10, 2014 Traditional Saturn in loyal Scorpio is in a supportive trine with the healer Chiron in mystical Pisces. This is a chance to move past the past.  Clear the air and let the cards fall where they may. Mars is feeling fruitful in Scorpio too, and connecting in a helpful way with even more mystical Neptune, opportunity for deep healing and quantum leaps into the right direction. Remember: Your power is in the present. The Moon will be Full and the stars are aligning to show you how that is so.
Tuesday PST, Saturn will connect with Chiron.  You will have innovative ideas about how to create healthy traditions.  You can move forward now, with the betterment of everyone in mind.  Productive processes will become obvious and helpful.  Sometime we can try and try and just not really get anywhere.  Often this will relate to some childhood injury to our sense of self.  We can be fragile creatures; one wrong word, one forgotten birthday and we are devastated.  We push these wounds away and so we can seem to go on.  But every time we try to grow beyond that negative belief, the pain of humiliation, or rejection, or abandonment resurfaces.  A reminder of why we cannot have what we want.  But with Saturn and Chiron in this healing conversation, we can move past it.  Forgive, understand and grow-on must go the show.
Thursday the sizzling Scorpio Mars is in this lovely trine with altruistic visionary Neptune.  You can spiritualize with this  inspirational mix of potent healing energy. You can usually see the bigger picture reason things have gone down the way have when Scorpio and Neptune are in harmony.  Past life memories may surface that help put to rest some long standing fear you’ve pushed aside.  Karma makes sense when nothing else does. It also allows us to take responsibility for our situation-rather than be victims we are creators. With our participation we exercise our power.  We always have the freedom to choose our responses.  Now you can trust in the flow of life- everything happens for a reason and we can see it now. For certain!
There is a lot dramatic flare to Friday as Mercury, clever communicator is conjoined with the Sun, all shining through Leo.  The first half of the day is all yours for shining brightly.  Later, towards the end of the day Saturn is going to Square that same clever Mercury.  Possible pointing out that clever isn’t everything.  Commitment, perseverance, focus and good old-timey nose to the grind stone is what really creates results.
Saturn likes to remind us that fun starts with fundamentals.  This Saturn influence is pressing all weekend really.  A chance to explore your roots is possible. Show up ready to do some work.  It could be on any level, Spiritual, emotional, or even physical. Lay the ground work for more solid foundation.
The Full moon is here on Sunday in Aquarius.  Aquarius is a revolutionary energy. After all you learned this week, you might be ready for some declarations of independence.  Shocking revelations are totally possible.  Or a Sudden meeting with a dazzling character.  Uranus the ruler of this full moon is a liberator.  It likes to shake things up and move us forward fast.  Slow and steady might win the race, but Uranus isn’t all that interested in competing in some dumb race anyway. It would rather flash its bolt of lightning and arrive where it wants to go.
Times are changing fast.  Reality is shifting below our feet. Stay balanced and if you can’t do that stay hydrated. Connect with Mother Earth for nurturing and sustenance. Set your Peaceful intentions for your life and for the lives of Earthlings everywhere.
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