Hillory Skott

July 21-27, 2014 the bright hot sun will fuse with giant Jupiter- expansion is inevitable. Stern Saturn will move forwardSunrise in Tulum again, expect scrutiny, the rock tumbling moments polish us up. Mars, another fiery character, moves into intense Scorpio. And…. There is a New moon in Leo the world is crackling with creativity right now.  Times are changingfuel is being thrown on the fire.

 Saturn is moving forward again after retrograding since March. Retrograde planets cause a more inward expression of the specific energy. Now that Saturn is moving forward again, you will feel more focused and disciplined. Saturn wants to structure the unstructured into reality. Saturn makes you stand up and take responsibility.  If you’ve been deluding yourself in any way, look out.   Big Daddy Saturn wants us all to grow up.  If you step up to the plate and do what needs doing much can be manifested.  Think discipline, determination, and direction.

 Uranus will be moving to retrograde on Monday afternoon PST.  Uranus is the unpredictable brilliance that loves liberation. There is an edgy electric energy when Uranus is active.  Those with planets with Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn near 16 degrees, will be feeling this nervous tense energy even more than the rest of us.  There is a revolution under way.  We are all in the midst of liberating ourselves from oppressive situations.

 Thursday Mars goes into Scorpio after spending an unusually long time in Libra.  We should have learned a thing or two about our relationships in the last eight months.  Now with Mars shifting into decisive Scorpio you will take action on what you’ve been learning.  If something needs to be dealt with emotionally Scorpio is sure to deal with it.  Secrets and lies don’t stand a chance. Interestly, Scorpio is one of the most secretive energies out there. I guess that’s why they are so good at sniffing out the secrets of others. You will be forced to act in your own best interest. Scorpio is able to transform like no other-you won’t regret where you land.  Life is better when you face the facts.

Saturday afternoon PST there is a New moon in Leo. With all this changing energy you have real opportunity to become your true and total self. The new moon launches new directions. It’s time to get unique and beautiful you out into the world.  Leo likes to play and create and express.  It’s a sunshiny energy that can encourage you to find your courage and show them your moves. Does your creativity have an outlet? Have you wanted to try something new?  Get out there and shine.  The Universe is completely supporting you to let that inner child out to play.  Keep your balance this week.  Be conscious and present to all that is unfolding around you. Set your intentions and aim high-For the happiest soul be the you-est you you can be!

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