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February 10th, 2015

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Sagittarius in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by lucky Jupiter. And, Sagittarius is a lucky sign indeed. It’s not really a random sort of good fortune, but the kind created by accurate intuition and a willingness to take risks. There is a natural love of adventure, a curiosity about the world. Sadge is a philosophical sign, always looking for truth and explanations for all their many questions. They are drawn to the spiritual side of life, they have had personal experience with accurate hunches and precognitive flashes. They recognize the reality of a higher power and most find wonderful ideas to explain it all. They love to talk and share, they are the truth telling teachers of the zodiac.


Sadge can’t stand to be bored, or routine, or any sort of domestic drudgery. Messy homes are the norm as all that repetitive cleaning is completely mind numbing. Sagittarius needs to be in a constant state of expansion, which can make it tricky for them to settle into anything that takes focused effort and discipline. They expect to get to the top without the usual uphill climb. Often this works out for them because they have a nose for opportunity and are gifted with right timing.
Self-righteous behaviour comes naturally to Sadge, and they don’t realize they are being arrogant. They simply know that their way is the right way. No evidence will top their uncanny intuition. Still, the arrogance can be hard to take for more humble signs. Sadge is a radically honest sign, not understanding why people can’t take the truth. Perhaps they are ahead of the times.


An upbeat buoyant partner. Sagittarius is grand and romantic, adventure and excitement are par for the course. They are happiest with partners that want to hear the truth. Shared philosophy is important to the Sagittarian relationship. Their ideas are more real than reality so a partner that has arrived at similar conclusions is ideal for this idealist. Sadge needs freedom and room to be spontaneous. They can be a happy partner as long as there are no domestic obligations. Someone else needs to worry about the silly practical concerns, dishes and bill paying should be something the partner enjoys. Ideally, there will be plenty of funds for a housekeeper. And, a personal assistant too. Then there can be room to enjoy life together, unhindered by drudgery.


Similar values and approaches to life could make this a philosophy loving lucky pair. A love of adventure and need for total freedom will be mutual. Neither worries too much about money, both would rather risk than save. They know the truth. Great if they both arrive at the same truth. The beginning of the end if they arrive at different versions of truth. But If this love is true life will be filled with good fortune and interesting explorations.

Sagittarius Compatability

The Aries Sagittarius relationship could be a great partnership. Both love the outdoors and adventures. Both signs like risk and create excitement. It may take time to settle into anything truly domestic, in fact that may never happen in any traditional sense. If both Aries and Sadge can learn to accept the other’s flirty nature and all or nothing risk taking, life can be grand. These two fire signs get each other, good and bad, and that can be a great blessing. Life will never be dull. These two, could change the world, making it a place of freedom and honesty.

The Taurus Sagittarius relationship makes for a great friendship. The Sagittarius open minded desire for the new, could help broaden the Taurus perspective. But Sadge will lose interest when Taurus prefers blissful domesticity to rugged adventure and new horizons. Lack of shared Values is an issue that can’t be avoided in this relationship. Sagittarius will not be tamed and Taurus is naturally too jealous to calmly put up with constant exploration. Taurus likes things safe and the same, Sadge thrives on new ideas and risky ventures. These two will see the light and part ways quickly- both like to be right.

The Gemini Sagittarius relationship is one of opposites. There may be a draw due to all the rich learning available trying to integrate your opposite. Gemini sees life from many sides and perspectives. Sadge sees things in broad strokes- searching for the ultimate philosophy. Gemini likes learning for learning’s sake and Sadge has a greater purpose for their collection of knowledge. Neither are great with finances, both tend to act on impulse. Also, neither likes commitment, or routines very much. Both would do better with more stable types. Though there could be a true love vibe in this tricky relationship.

The Sagittarius Cancer relationship is not ideal. Cancers moody clingy side will stifle freedom loving Sadge. Cancer is security seeking and adores their home. Sadge is always up for the next big adventure and finds obligations difficult to bear. There is very little in common with these two. Cancer certainly has an allure to Sadge,its nice to be pampered. But it won’t be reciprocal and Cancer can’t have that. Cancer is careful with their pennies and Sadge throws caution to the wind. Imagine the arguments. Cancer will sidestep the issues and Sadge expects straightforward. Not a match.

The Sagittarius Leo relationship is exciting indeed. Passionate and spontaneous beginnings are a guarantee. Both are warm encouraging fire signs. Adventure and fun will follow them where ever they go. Issues arrive when Leo seems to need more coddling than Sadge is willing to give, it’s crampy having to be there for someone on that level. Leo wants adoration and Sadge expects independence. This could work with many concessions. But the Sadge might not be able to restrict their behaviour to please Leo. Sadge is authentic where Leo can be all about the flattery. Great friendship but iffy partnership.

The Virgo Sagittarius relationship may show brief promise. A shared love of travel and a talent for honesty can be a huge boon. It’s not easy to find that kind of honesty. Unfortunately, Sadge loves to take giant risks, which makes Virgo feel sick, and annoyed at how often these pie in the sky schemes work out. Virgo is loyal and monogamous, Sadge can easily stray. Virgos nit-picky personality will grate on Sagittarius, who sees life in broad strokes. Virgo feels fear and Sagittarius is brave. Bottom line, these two are uncomfortably different. Not a match made in heaven.

The Libra Sagittarius relationship is a wonderful friendship. Libra loves the Sagittarius ability to be open and honest. Both signs enjoy happy situations and adventure. Sadge has a knack for winging it and Libra says, “why not?”. Going with the flow is great until the real world demands attention. Once the dreamy jaunts become old school, life makes it real and that is when both partners are better off elsewhere. Both these signs could use a more practical responsible partner to help balance all the whimsy. Life thrives in balanced situations and these two are all play and no work.

The Sagittarius Scorpio could start off hot. Once past a few dates the basic differences in these two will start to swell up. Scorpio loves to question, digging into the deep dark depths of people. Sagittarius loves to share, truth is their battle cry. All is well until Sadge gets curious and Scorpio gets weird. Scorpio likes to know your secrets but you can’t know theirs. Sadge loves freedom to roam Scorpio prefers their loved ones on a tight leash. Scorpio is tight with money while Sadge does what they do when they do it. Strong characters but not compatible.

The Sagittarius Sagittarius relationship could be a real godsend. Similar values and approaches to life could make this a harmony loving lucky pair. A love of adventure and need for total freedom will be mutual. Neither worries too much about money which could pose problems, both would rather risk than save. Another area of concern is the Sadge tendency to be self-righteous. They know the truth. Great if they both arrive at the same truth. The beginning of the end if they arrive at different versions of truth. If true love is in the air compromise will be important here.

The Capricorn Sagittarius relationship is not exactly ideal. They don’t have much more in common than being beside each other in the zodiac. Sagittarius is often inappropriate in social situations, Capricorn innately understands the importance of reputation. Capricorn is a frugal lover of facts. Sadge is impetuous with money and loves to exaggerate. Capricorn wants proof and Sadge is happy to follow a hunch. Both are philosophical but will happen upon different ideologies. If they could learn to tolerate each other’s eccentricities there could be benefit. Capricorn brings some reality to Sadges vision, and vice versa. Not entirely impossible.

The Sagittarius Aquarius relationship starts off with tons of promise. Both are freedom loving big thinkers. Both love to socialize and be out and about. Philosophically there is much to discuss. Underdogs are lucky to be under the wing of these two. Aquarius is a tad too detached to make Sadge feel loved. And Sadges fiery expressive temper will seem ridiculous to Aquarius who never has feelings flare up. Neither are great with planning for the future financially and this may create unhealthy debt. Intellectually these two work, perhaps a good friendship is in the cards. Look for love elsewhere.

The Sagittarius Pisces relationship is an unlikely one. Sadge is often too forthright to tolerate Pisces’s wishy washy ways. Sadge is painfully optimistic and Pisces refuses to see reality. This can make the real world difficult for either to deal with. Neither understands the others outlook on life. Not getting your partner is a problem. Frustration will be a common reaction in this relationship. Sadge likes to tackel things directly while Pisces retreats within, covering their eyes and humming loudly. Nothing can get through. Both have big and generous hearts best shared with partners who truly get them, move on.

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