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 giftgrMarch 3-9,2014 fiery Mars and focused Saturn halt all forward motion. Jupiter is once again heading forward too- Luck will follow- Life will expand gently, organically, with Jupiter in Cancer. You can do things with a little more patience and tact with this mix of energy. Consider the word “thorough”.Mars and Saturn both went retrograde this last weekend, March first and second. Mars is our drive and energy. Traveling through Libra, as it is right now, isn’t ideal. In fact, it’s the opposite of Aries, which Mars rules. So rather than dive right in and charge ahead, as Mars prefers to do, it’s learning a little diplomacy as it travels through charming Venus ruled peace loving Libra. And so are we. Things will take some time- don’t expect any fast magic until at least the end of May. But with retrograde Mars you can learn to turn inwards a little. Be more thoughtful with others and connect from the heart. If you have a project that requires detail work this will be helpful- especially with Saturn backtracking now too.Saturn is the task-master. Mr. Discipline never rests, he works and works and works. A strong Saturn in our charts can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand you can muster the discipline needed to eat well and exercise, meet your obligations and change the oil. These are good things- abilities that help us negotiate the real world which we are inescapably a part of while we are on Earth. Saturn is involved heavily with accomplishment. But this energy has a worrisome side. It frets over things like age and death. Being desolate and dependant is a deeply ingrained Saturn fear. Saturn can make you feel unworthy, ugly and unlovable. Sorrow and regret are in stern Saturns playbook.There is a dark and a light side to everything in this realm and I prefer to focus on the light. To get the most out of this retrograde period be aware and willing to go with the flow. It’s not always the best time to start something, but if it’s something you have been putting off this retrograde just might be the slow focus you need to dig in. One step at a time. Think long-term. You are not going to be able to just sort this out quickly it will take time and consideration so hunker down and ask the Universe for patience when you need it. Once you begin something you have been intending to begin know that you are in it for the long haul. That is one way to use this energy to support yourself with forward movement.

On Wednesday PST Venus moves into Aquarius. Aquarius is a much more social energy so you might find yourself getting involved with the community and actually enjoying yourself. It feels good to be part of something greater than you. See where you are needed and offer your services. You may find you are less attached to things. Aquarius has a lovely way of not taking anything personally- enjoy it.

On March sixth PST Jupiter, Jolly generous Jupiter is moving forward again. Yay! Jupiter is in Cancer now lighting up family and home for all of us. What makes you happy and secure? This is the right time to count your lucky stars. How can you cherish your personal space more? Invite all that is good into your home. Spend time with family and friends that feel like family. Generous Jupiter has gifts for you. Are you open and receptive? Repeat this often: I am open to receive all the Love, Joy, Abundance and Pleasure the Universe has to offer. And so it is!

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